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Title: The Lord Calls Samuel, Author: Susan Hammond
Title: Fall into Sin: Genesis 2-3 for Children, Author: Nancy I. Sanders
Title: Temptation of Jesus, Author: Mervin A. Marquardt
Title: The Lord's Prayer, Author: Ingrid Shelton
Title: Jonah and the Very Big Fish, Author: Sarah Fletcher
Title: Donkey Daniel in Bethlehem, Author: Janice Kramer
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Title: A Cat Called Max: Magnificent Max, Author: Terrance Dicks
Title: Man Who Slept through a Sermon, Author: Evelyn Marxhausen
Title: Philip and the Ethiopian, Author: Martha Jander
Title: Man Who Changed His Name, Author: Loyal Kolbick
Title: Joseph Forgives His Brothers - Arch Books, Author: Robert Baden
Title: Man Who Couldn't Wait: Story of Peter, Author: Joann Scheck
Title: Samuel, the Judge, Author: Louise Ulmer
Title: God Provides Victory Through Gideon, Author: Unada G. Gliewe
Title: Noah's Two-by-Two Adventure/Jonah and the Very Big Fish, Author: Melanie Bergmann
Title: My Merry Christmas Arch Book: Luke 2:1-20 for Children, Author: Theresa Olive
Title: Meet the MacMagics, Author: Terrance Dicks
Title: Star of Wonder, Author: Cynthia Hinkle
Title: Boy Who Ran Away, Author: Irene Elmer
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Title: Saul's Conversion, Author: Eric Bohnet

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