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Title: Sitting Bull: Lakota Warrior and Defender of His People, Author: S. D. Nelson
Title: The Monkey Goes Bananas, Author: C. P. Bloom
Title: The Misadventures of Salem Hyde: Book One: Spelling Trouble, Author: Frank Cammuso
Title: Separate Is Never Equal: Sylvia Mendez and Her Family's Fight for Desegregation (PagePerfect NOOK Book), Author: Duncan Tonatiuh
Title: Barbed Wire Baseball, Author: Marissa Moss
Title: The Jellybeans and the Big Art Adventure, Author: Laura Numeroff
Title: Thomas Jefferson: A Day at Monticello, Author: Elizabeth V Chew
Title: Tyrannosaurus Wrecks!, Author: Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen
Title: Bad Boy, Good Boy, Author: Kay Chorao
Title: Blue-Ribbon Dad, Author: Beth Raisner Glass
Title: Pluto's Secret: An Icy World's Tale of Discovery, Author: Margaret (with David DeVorkin) Weitekamp
Title: Totally Tardy Marty, Author: Erica S. Perl
Title: I'm Gonna Climb a Mountain in My Patent Leather Shoes, Author: Marilyn Singer
Title: Kel Gilligan's Daredevil Stunt Show, Author: Michael Buckley
Title: Someone's Sleepy, Author: Deborah Lee Rose
Title: Alice From Dallas, Author: Marilyn Sadler
Title: Library Mouse: A World to Explore, Author: Daniel Kirk
Title: Library Mouse: A Museum Adventure, Author: Daniel Kirk
Title: Nurse, Soldier, Spy: The Story of Sarah Edmonds, a Civil War Hero, Author: Marissa Moss
Title: The Jellybeans and the Big Book Bonanza, Author: Laura Numeroff

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