Unfreedom of the Press

Unfreedom of the Press

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Unfreedom of the Press 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 24 reviews.
Anonymous 7 months ago
Anonymous 7 months ago
A well laid out accounting of how the media has the power to shape minds and countries. Mark Levin is a brilliant writer and this book is so well researched. I only hope those in the media will read this and change the way they promote opinions as news and editorials as facts.
Anonymous 6 months ago
Anonymous 6 months ago
Writes with a deft touch and keen insight into the absolute rotting of American journalism.
prussblue10 23 days ago
Levin uses the historical perspective to help make his points regarding the present. Too many are ignorant of the history, e.g. how bad the NY Times has been for many decades, so a historical context is good. I have watched decades of worsening journalistic conduct where ethics and truth are of little import but ideologies, particularly the liberal progressive, are what counts. I have seen things *reported* that bore no resemblance to factual reporting and at best propaganda to promote an ideology. I have had first-hand knowledge of things during my lifetime but what I saw written or spoken of most often bore no resemblance to what I knew to be fact. There is much more to glean from Levin's book but I will leave it that it should be read. Negative comments that I have seen about this book don't seem to have been by any rational person who read the book and was not a propagandist for liberal-progressive ideologies ... even pro-Communist thinking in some.
Anonymous 4 months ago
Anonymous 4 months ago
Anonymous 4 months ago
This is the first book I’ve read by Mark Levin. And this was a great book! Well written and researched and on an important topic — the current and historical unfreedom of the press.
Vietnam1968 5 months ago
Mark Levin looks back in history of this country and explains how Presidents have influenced or used the IRS to bully newspaper owners or anyone who is against their platforms. Also explains how the Modern Main Street Media is owned by the 1% and want to brainwash the masses to get us to vote in favor of their platforms and their special interests. The two plus years of bashing Trump is nothing more than political theater and all to bring down Trump’s ratings and lessen his chances of getting re-elected. We spent two years on trying to connect Trump with collusion with the Russians. But Mueller says there was none. If these propagandists spend all this time and money for this action, you know he must be doing great deal right. Otherwise they would ignore him and allow him to fail on his own. Trump is no worse than previous Presidents, but with Trump he gets more negative coverage, so everyone thinks he is really what is printed or said. Todays news and I can also say even yesterdays new when we only had 3 networks providing the evening news at about 6:30 pm were full of propaganda from the government to get the American people involved in wars we never should have been involved in. And to advance American Business interests around the world.
JerseyBoy 5 months ago
Exposes the media for its hypocrisy and left wing bias. Makes a strong argument that the media is indeed failing its responsibility to itself and the American people.
britsmom7 6 months ago
Gripping and very informative. Levin's command of history, communications and law combine to offer a plain-spoken explanation of why & how our country is being destroyed from within.
Library-Lady8 8 days ago
Every American who cares about our freedoms should read this book. Democrat, Republican, whatever, this is an eye-opening look at the way media has influenced what we know and believe for decades.
Anonymous 16 days ago
Mark Levin has done it again, and this time he exposes the media for what they really are.
Anonymous 17 days ago
Not as heavy a read as Mark's many other fine books. But as with all others it's deeply researched and unassailable on the facts. American journalism's obituary.
Anonymous 3 months ago
Anonymous 3 months ago
Anonymous 3 months ago
Excellent! A very well-written and researched book, with superb analysis about the bias and failures of the mainstream media. Highly recommended as one of the year's best books.
doc_rock 3 months ago
Well written and researched as you would expect and rightly comes with a grave warning to the "press" the world over. You had better do some soul searching and start doing real research and reporting without all the hyper-partisan bull and opining . Your audience is not drinking your Kool-Aid anymore. Start doing your job and stop assuming everyone wants to hear your diatribe. Your time is short and a reckoning is unfortunately coming.
Anonymous 6 months ago
Mark Levin brilliantly explains the descent of the modern day media into a propaganda arm of the Democratic party and leftist/socialist cause instead of engaging in honest journalism that delivers the daily news. As opposed to those who use anonymous sources and personal opinions and ideology, the author uses clearly defined resources, verifiable historical events, and other certified facts to explain his point in clear detail. Levin gives a historical account of the early Patriot press and explains the demise of the press into the present day Democratic Party press. He lays out in clear detail how the distortion of facts, lies by omission, withholding/suppression of news, propaganda and the promotion of personal ideology is the true threat to first amendment rights; not presidential or judicial overreach. Included are accounts of irrefutable facts concerning the history of "media malpractice" to shape public opinion dealing with events such as the Holocaust all the way to the greatest hoax played on the American people, "Russian Collusion". The book does not have a happy ending as the reader is left with the sad facts outlining how true journalism is mostly dead and the it has degraded itself into a standard-less profession. As a voter registered as an Independent, I am more concerned with facts, not opinions. This book provided them from cover to cover. it is definitely a great read for anyone who is willing to hear the truth and reveal the real "man behind the curtain" controlling what news goes out to the public.
Anonymous 6 months ago
Anonymous 3 months ago
What a load of bollocks.
Anonymous 5 months ago
Lisa Chavez 6 months ago
I like how he explains how reports are supposed to be true facts, and keep opinions out. I totally agree with that. But I totally disagree with how he only attacks news organizations that show that Trump is lying. To Levin, of course Fox is a good organization, but CNN is terrible. I think both need to improve...not just CNN. Levin needs to be a central political reporter if he is going to make any sense...and I don't think he is. He is a right wing reporter, and his book shows that.
Anonymous 5 months ago