The Case of Miss Elliott: The Teahouse Detective: Volume 2

The Case of Miss Elliott: The Teahouse Detective: Volume 2

by Orczy


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The Case of Miss Elliott: The Teahouse Detective: Volume 2 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Bedford_Bookshelf_1 3 months ago
The Case of Miss Elliot: The Teahouse Detective is a collection of short stories as told by a journalist recalling her conversations with the “old man in the corner”. Each story relates a recent well-known crime and is solved, using intelligence and reasoning only, by an unnamed, and quite unusual gentleman who sits at a table in the corner of an A.B.C. (Aerated Bread Company) teashop. Each of the stories provide all of the elements you need to come up with a solution. It felt like individual puzzles that the reader is asked to solve along with the detective. That may not have been the original intent, but as a long time reader of mysteries, I loved it! The old man and his listener never leave the café and yet his description of the crime, it’s background, and solution are not passive. The action comes from descriptive prose. You can vividly see the characters, their emotions, and their actions. Being a fan of the “Golden Age of Detective Fiction” I was surprised that I had never heard of this series of books. I enjoyed these stories immensely and look forward to reading more. Thank you to NetGalley and Pushkin Press for the advance reader copy made available for my review.
Anonymous 4 months ago
This set of twelve short stories by Baroness Orczy (1865 – 1947) were published in The Royal Magazine in 1904-5 and were first gathered into a book in 1905. Although this book was published before The Old Man in the Corner, the stories in the latter book appeared in magazine form before those in the Case of Miss Elliott. Given the early date, these stories pre-date what is generally accepted as the start of the Golden Age of Detective Fiction in the 1920s. Once again, the stories are told by the eponymous “old man in the corner” of a London ABC tea-room to Polly Burton, a journalist. The old man constantly fiddles with a piece of string (hence the title of the third and final collection, published in 1926, Unravelled Knots). Although Polly claims to be aware of each case mentioned by the old man, she can’t remember the details and so the old man gives the full background; describes the parties and the baffling mystery involving them; before demonstrating that his explanation is the only one possible solution. I really enjoyed the stories. I find the atmosphere engendered to be very similar to that of the Sherlock Holmes stories. And, although the old man has exasperating mannerisms, I resemble Polly in wanting him to explain what happened. #TheCaseOfMissElliott #NetGalley
Yibbie 4 months ago
This collection of twelve short stories will give anyone a delightful few hours of reading. Orczy has created a group of stories that are sure to puzzle you. Whether it is a baffling disappearance, a fraud, a theft, or even a murder, we are invited to hear the case out and find the true solution. These stories have a unique twist. Instead of the detective scrambling around after clues and vigorously chasing criminals, this hero just sits, usually in a corner of an ABC shop and logically works his way around to the truth. Of course, he needs someone to show his brilliance to, and the narrator knows just the right tricks to make him let us in on his solution. The only thing I dislike about this whole series of stories is the lack of real resolution. Oh, we always learn the truth, but the perpetrators are always allowed to get away with it. After a few stories like that, I really want someone to receive some sort of justice. Other than that it is always fun to see if I can figure out the solution before ‘the old man’. I received this as a free ARC through NetGalley and Pushkin Press. No favorable review was required. It has been my pleasure to provide my honest opinions.
AMGiacomasso 5 months ago
A collection of lovely and entertaining stories. They are well written and keeps you reading one after the other. Highly recommended! Many thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for this ARC, all opinions are mine.
leylaj 5 months ago
I do enjoy these short stories by Baroness Orczy, this is another from the Old Man in the Corner stories, they are very intriguing and clever, I just wish they had a little more ending. I do like a cause and effect ending. Forgetting my foibles, I did enjoy them - the twist and plots where very clever especially considering they are short stories.
Tangen 6 months ago
short-stories, anthology, mystery ***** Can you solve these "Minute Mysteries" without fingerprints, DNA, CCTV, or any other modern means using only the observations of a rather odd man and your own deductive reasoning? That's the challenge posed by each of the twelve examples included in this challenging little book written by the author of The Scarlet Pimpernel which is more intriguing than a Sunday Times crossword! Loved it! I requested and received a free ebook copy from Steerforth Press and Hanover Publisher Services via NetGalley. Thank you!