Sugar Daddy

Sugar Daddy

by Lisa Kleypas

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Sugar Daddy 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 382 reviews.
Daniela34 More than 1 year ago
This ebook should not cost the same as the regular paperback. Other Nook owners please fight back.
tko122885 More than 1 year ago
I loved this book. I enjoyed it very much. I thought the characters were well rounded. I loved the rest of the series, "Blue Eyed Devil" and "Smooth Talking Stranger". I love the way the characters are carried over into the rest of the books. They have a chance to grow and become more well rounded. Hoping there is a book for "Joe". I have recommended these to my niece and she enjoyed them as much as I did. Will re-read all of them.
Romantic42 More than 1 year ago
Enjoyed this quick read. I loved the powerful and the wealthy characters that live in Texas. The storyline is fast paced and full of life. As always lisa kleypas keeps you wanting more. There is love, lust and heartbreak. And the 2 books that follow are just as good.
Aemelia More than 1 year ago
SUGAR DADDY is the story or Liberty Jones, following her life from the time she and her mama move to the Bluebonnet Ranch mobile home park in Welcome, Texas, through her teenage years and into adulthood. Liberty loves Hardy Cates but he is unwilling to give up his dream of getting out of Welcome and making something of himself. Soon after he leaves, tragedy strikes. With the odds stacked against her, Liberty doesn't cave under pressure. When she becomes good friends with billionaire tycoon, Churchill Travis, he makes her an offer she can't refuse. With his son Gage, she discovers a passion that she never thought to experience. Just as everything seems to be falling into place, Hardy enters back into Liberty's life, forcing her to choose between the two men, Hardy, who she has loved forever and Gage, who she is just discovering. Who will she choose? SUGAR DADDY is not your typical romance, it was nothing like I had expected and I found it a refreshing change. First person is not my favorite perspective to read, in fact I usually avoid it, but Lisa Kleypas made it work for me. Her storyline and characters captivated me from the start. While at first I was leary of where the story was going, soon I was so enthralled, I just couldn't wait to see how it all unfolded! I really liked Liberty, she was a strong person, that no matter what obstacle came up, she was able to overcome it. I liked that she had friends who helped her through difficult times, and she wasn't to stubborn to accept it when it was truly needed. I thought she was doing the best to raise her sister. I could understand Hardy's determination to make something of himself. His leaving to chase his dreams, while hurtful to Liberty was the right choice. There was a heat between that had me wanting to see them get together, at least until she met Gage. Gage was a strong man with a great sense of integrity. He knew what he wanted, but he was smart enough not to give Liberty and ultimatum. The chemistry between Gage and Liberty was intense.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
One of my favorite books in my library of 500! Wow what a great name for a character...Liberty... A character trying to break through her stuggles in her childhood years, raising her younger sister from a baby, as if her own child. Loved that she meets a strong, wealthy, well connected Texac billionaire, Churchilll, who see's her inate strength of character, and helps try to silently nurture it and help her grow more confident. All her childhood she loved Hardy Cates, but he was poor like her and searching for a better more fulfilling life and promised to return. Liberty waited, and waited. When opportunites arose to go on with her life she tried to change her life for her and her sister even through many struggles, and men who didnt want the excess baggage and no sparks anyway. Churchill proposes a new opportunity for her and when she accepts, his sons introduce an eye opening epiphany in regards to her old love Hardy Cates. The rest...well its definitely a wonderful modern day Cinderella story you will love and like I have, mark it as your very favorite story. Read it and enjoy.
dhaupt More than 1 year ago
First of all I have to admit that this is my first foray into the wonderful world created by Lisa Kleypas, it was only by way of a bet between my friend Melanie Murray a talented author in her own right and myself that I even took up the gauntlet, one I'm so glad I did. So thanks Melanie, I owe you yet another thanks for introducing me to yet another incredible author. Liberty Jones has from childhood taken a can do attitude which has helped her a great deal with her less then wonderful life. Her father, the love of her mother's life died in a tragic accident on an oil rig. Since then her mother has tried to comfort herself by quantity and not quality of boyfriends none of who seem to stay around. But there's a lot that momma's not telling her and it will follow her all her life. Her one solid thing through the whole of it is Hardy Cates. Hardy has not got an easy life either, but he's convinced that Liberty is someone who needs caring for and he's going to do it, the only thing wrong with this is that as soon as Hardy can get out of Welcome Texas he's gone so the one think he doesn't want Liberty to do is to count on him indefinitely. Ms Kleypas gives us a unique modern day Cinderella story, one where the heroine has a lot of spunk, wit and panache and the fact that Cinderella only wants to take care of herself and not rely on some rich "Sugar Daddy" for her livelihood. The dialogue is a mix of urban sophistication and Texas twang, interspersed with common man slang and it's a great fit for the diversity of the characters. And let's talk about the characters which are all tremendously important to the story no matter their standing in the story line, they all fill a certain role and do it wonderfully. Her heroine Liberty is unequalled in the ranks of heroines, she's got everything in life going against her and yet just like the little engine that could, she did and she does it with style, grace and that Unsinkable Molly Brown attitude. She share the stage with multiple heros that all stand out for their various reasons and some of them more than others. Ms. Kleypas doesn't introduce us to all of them in the beginning so I'll just say they're great and let the reader find out who, what, when and where for themselves. The romance is novel worthy, it's met with constant sink holes and pit falls and she really makes her couple work hard for their Happy Ever After. Her love scenes are sensual and spicy and descriptive without being too risqué, but believe me when I tell you that romance lovers like me who love their baser love scenes, we will not be cheated. So if like me you've never had the pleasure of reading Lisa Kleypas, what are you waiting for. For those who love a great contemporary romance with a lot of heart and soul, this one's for you. Don't forget to read the other two volumes dedicated to the Travis Family. I know I'm on my way to get the next one now.
Stef21 More than 1 year ago
First, I HATED the narrator. It took me 5 discs into it to stop cringeing everytime she did a male voice. Second, there were so many stupid things said about Texans and Houstonians that I wish no one who wasn't one could read this book. I live in Houston, Texas and while I was entertained by her generalizations, they were just that -- NOT ALL PEOPLE THAT LIVE IN TEXAS WEAR COWBOY HATS AND HAVE HORSES. Third, it was a cute book though and GREAT to escape with. I listened to it for the past few days as I drove all over Texas visiting friends and the hours sitting in the car just *flew* by. I thought the ending was a little hurried and VeRy hokey in the last few minutes but oh well, anything else wouldn't have fit. I definitely recommend this book as a read but maybe not to listen to unless they reproduce it with a better narrator.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I like Lisa but this book is not her best. Her writing is good and in no way we feel that this is her first contemporary but half way along the book she lost track of the story. The character of Hardy was so much developed in the first part that you would be disappointed at the ending of the book (IMO). I am not disappointed at the ending but the way it was narrated was little disappointing. On the whole it was not a satisfactory read
Guest More than 1 year ago
The story started out really nice but somewhere in the middle the autor lost the plot. The sugar daddy part was undeveloped and the author spent so much time developing Hardy and Liberty's story that it was such a let down how she didn't follow through. What was the love story, we would never forget. I think the author was the first person to forget the love story.
Anonymous 13 days ago
Great story, great love interests
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I couldn’t put this book down. It’s 3 am and I just finished it. Liberty Jones was a strong character and you couldn’t help but like her and respect her.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
lauralea.smith1 on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
It took me a while to get into this book. I have always enjoyed Kleypas' historicals, so I was a little nervous about her move to contemporary romance. Also, not being a fan of reading about Sugar Daddy relationships I was a bit nervous about the relationship between Liberty and Churchill. There was a LOT of time spent on her youth and I feel that some of it was necessary to explain Liberty's character, however more time could have been spent on other things, such as the development of the relationship between LIberty & Gage. One other comment is that I found a lot of the generalizations about Texans, Texan men and Houstonians to be somewhat annoying. Many of them were perpetuating stereotypes that don't necessarily apply & some of the references completely confused me which, as a native Houstonian, I felt shouldn't be the case. This is relatively harmless, just a bit annoying to somebody familiar with the area.
lindsaydiffee on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Felt a little piecemeal sometimes, but her writing rocked, and overall, I loved it.
ItsDamaris on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
I decided to read this book because I recently had read Smooth Talking stranger by Lisa Kleypas and realized that it was a series on the Travis family. So I got the first two and this book was definitely not my favorite. If I would have started the series from book 1 I probably would have not read the rest of the books in the series. This book just took way to long to get to the good stuff. Lisa spent way to much time explaining Liberty's past and her relationship with Hardy and the Travis family. I actually found myself skipping some parts of the book like "Okay already!" Once you did get to the good stuff though it was a page turner from there! I did continue to read the Blue Eyed devil and that book was just amazing! So for those who read this book first and did not like it, do not let it ruin the series for you. The next two books are really good! :-)
mschweer432 on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Can I rate a book as higher than 5 stars?!?!? I LOVED this book!! I would have read it in one sitting, except nature played a very cruel trick on me by making my body need sleep!! It was finished the very next day, however.I LOVED Liberty. I have heard a lot of discussion about wether or not so much of her back story should have been included. I was glad it was. It made it easier for me to understand her decisions, and I truly felt for her throughout the whole book.I have also heard discussion about the "love triangle" in the book. I use quotations, because I didn't really see it. There was never any doubt in my mind who she would choose, and I was glad for the way the book ended.I do have to say that when I read this, I had no idea it was part of a series. That being said, I'm not sure how much I'm looking forward to the next book. I hope I'm not spoiling anything here, but by the end of this book, I'm not sure if I like Hardy enough to want to read his story. However, I love Lisa Kleypas, so I will give it a shot for that alone.I really enjoyed this book and will be loaning it to my friends now that I have finished it. While I'm not sure how much it's "romance" versus just "women's fiction" I would still recommend it to romance readers. And if you are a fan of Lisa Kelypas, by all means, don't hesitate to read this book!!
DamarisGCR on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
I bought this book last night thinking I would enjoy it as much as I did Smooth talking stranger, but I was wrong. Don't get me wrong there are some parts in the book that were really good, but I felt this is suppose to be a story about the Travis family, but you don't get anything about the Travis family until maybe half way through the book. Majority of the book is all about Liberty as a teenager and everything she went through growing up. I found some parts to be really boring and felt some parts really did not need to be in the book. Now I am going to give the second book Blue Eyed Devil a chance because I did enjoy Smooth talking stranger a lot.
phyllisd on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Romance novels follow a certain formula that we come to expect: a girl, a boy, insurmountable obstacles, and a happy ending. Sugar Daddy had all that but the balance was different. It is told in the first person narrative of Liberty Jones starting with her childhood and focusing quite a bit on her teenage years with her mother. The boy doesn't make an appearance until half way through. I was pleasantly surprised by this book and am looking forward to more contemporary works from Lisa Kleypas.
robindejarnett on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
This was my first Lisa Kleypas book, and I enjoyed it. The Texas influence was what I liked most - the cocky quips about "Texas men" and the strong alpha male stereotype are always fun.Liberty Jones is a woman who goes through a lot, and like a Texas woman, makes do with what she's dealt without complaint. A good portion of the book details her teenage years and crush on Hardy Cates. It's not a fast moving story, but you get to know Liberty inside and out.Hardy Cates is more of a mystery. Because the book is written from Liberty's point of view, everything about him is colored through her eyes. He's not as well-developed as I might have liked, especially when he makes his reappearance in the book (I'm not giving anything away, it's on the book jacket).The other love in Liberty's life is just as alpha, just as Texas, and in many ways the same as Hardy. The choice for Liberty isn't as hard as she thinks. Once he's introduced, I really started turning the pages. The story took off for me at that point.Like I said, I enjoyed it, though the book started slow for me. There's fluff and sex and hardship, and the few mysteries in the story aren't really hidden. The ending, though a little rushed was well done. I'll probably pick up another of Kleypas' books, given the chance.
lalawe on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
An enjoyable read, but without what I'd consider the traditional romance book structure. Normally, a romance will start with the female protagonist meeting the guy she's eventually going to have the happy ending with, while it this case it starts with Liberty's childhood. In the end, it almost felt like two separate books - a coming of age novel and then a romance tacked on. That's not to say I didn't like the book - I loved Liberty's voice and character and her interactions with the others. I've read the lastest in this series - Smooth Talking Stranger - and that's what influenced me to read this book. On the whole, the other is much more polished and traditionally "romance-y".
reneebooks on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Lisa Kleypas writes wonderful historical romances so when I heard about her newest release a chill went down my spine. Was another wonderful romance author moving away from romance into the realm of women's fiction or historical fiction or mystery? Visions of Candice Proctor (now writing as C. S. Harris) sprung to my mind. So I waited for the reviews to roll in but unfortunately they were a bit mixed and no one was answering the question foremost on my mind.... did it have a HEA? I had no choice, no choice people, but to find out for myself. So when I finally got my copy, the first thing I did was read the last chapter.The good news is .... yes, it has a HEA, so it didn't feel exactly like women's fiction... more like a like a hybrid cross with a contemporary romance. But it is written in first person like most women's fiction. The bad news is ... there is a love triangle and I'm not especially fond of them. But I still greatly enjoyed this book.Liberty Jones is an interesting and complex character and I admired her strength and determination to make a better life for herself and her baby sister. The story, as told by Liberty, begins when she is 11 years old and moves into a trailer park with her mother, Diana, in Welcome, Texas. She meets a boy named Hardy Cates and develops a serious crush on him. But Hardy has ambitions and burns to get out town as soon as he graduates. When he leaves town to make his fortune on an oil rig, Liberty is crushed and I started to have doubts about finishing the book. Hardy was a huge disappointment and I wanted to kick and scream at him. I had to remind myself that this was not a 'true' romance and I knew how it ended so I bravely continued on. :)When Diana becomes pregnant, she tosses her lazy boyfriend out on his ear. She has a baby girl that Liberty names Carrington and Liberty is completely devoted to her. In fact, she's more of a mother to Carrington than Diana. Life is not easy for them. Diana struggles to keep food on the table and a roof over their heads and clothes on their backs, but occasionally some extra money will 'luckily' land in their laps. But life becomes even harder when Diana is killed in a car accident and Liberty, who has just graduated from high school, is given custody of her baby sister.Liberty moves to Houston and gets a scholarship to a beauty school. After she graduates she gets a job at a ritzy beauty salon. There she meets a wealthy tycoon, Churchill Travis, who takes a fatherly interest in her and eventually offers her a job as his personal assistant. But she and her sister must move into his mansion. It's not what you think...there is no intimacy between Churchill and Liberty, they become very close friends, almost like father and daughter. But Churchill's son, Gage, doesn't believe that and he is angry and suspicious. But he eventually figures things out and they fall in love.Then lo and behold in walks Hardy back into Liberty's life and now she must make a decision. I won't spoil the ending but some secrets are revealed and Liberty ends up with the right person.I'm not sure I can recommend this book to everyone. Some reviews I read really didn't like the book or were disappointed in it. I can see their points but I really enjoyed it. If you don't like love triangles or first person POV (or kids), stay away. It's not a 'true' romance, but more of a life saga with a romantic ending. Of course, if you are a huge LK fan and read everything she writes then you'll probably enjoy this one. Her characterization is excellent and the story moves quickly. It took me a while to come up with a grade. But the characters and story are still fresh in my mind even though I finished it months ago. So must be a keeper for me. GRADE: A-
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
dkthain on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
When I first heard Lisa Kleypas was going into contemporary books unlike many other readers, I wasn¿t dismayed. She is such a talented writer that I knew no matter what she wrote it would be good and since I love contemporaries too that was fine with me. I think there are a number of authors who can write good in different settings ¿ Anne Stuart for example. And then I heard she would be continuing to still write historicals and I was even happier that we would be getting both.Then I heard it was going to be in first person and I had a bit of a qualm as I don¿t normally read first person books. But since I love the Stephanie Plum books I wasn¿t really that concerned.Sugar Daddy was amazing. I loved Liberty. I loved her down to earthness. I loved the love she had for Carrington. I loved the way she didn¿t let life get her down. And another confession time here. When I was in Grade 3 I met a boy a couple of years older than me ¿ the son of good friends of my parents ¿ and I has a SEVERE crush on him for YEARS. Years I tell you. Right up until I moved to another city when I was 18 he was my main crush although others came and went. And if I were to see him today, I would still have strong feelings. So I could really relate to her feelings for Hardy and her mixed emotions when he showed back up in her life.Both Hardy and Gage were interesting men. I could see why she was torn for a while.And at the end ¿ I¿m glad Liberty made the choice that she did. I wasn¿t sure I would be ¿ but I was.My advice ¿ if you haven¿t read this book yet because it was out in hardcover, it will be coming out in paperback soon. Buy it! Do not miss this wonderful story by a wonderful author.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I love Lisa Kleypas! Her stories are my favorite reads.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is an outstanding story, intelligently written, well researched, rich with all the right details, and entirely believable.