Salt & Stone (Fire & Flood Series #2)

Salt & Stone (Fire & Flood Series #2)

by Victoria Scott


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Salt & Stone 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 18 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I looove this series and I hope they make a 3rd book. For those of you who are questioning if they should read it or not YOU SHOULD ??????
MadSeasonGirl More than 1 year ago
Great sequel. I can't wait for the conclusion.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I just finished both of these books in four days and I love them to death!!! I took a risk on the first one because there was no sample but it's the best desision I've ever made! I seriously fell in love with these characters and the bond they share throughout their hardships. I defenately recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a new book to read. The main character is so relatable I ground myself laughing and her thoughts and highlighting them because I can relate. So read!
Lisa-LostInLiterature More than 1 year ago
I just this minute finished this book, and I HAD to immediately write down my thoughts. Because oh man, I just… CAN’T EVEN! AHHHHHHHH!! Okay. I think I’m ready to speak coherently. I think. I started this book weeks ago, but I only really got into it this weekend. The beginning was a bit slow compared to the rest of the book, but once it picked up it never stopped! Parts of this book were hard for me to read, and may be hard for others as well. Similar to how people felt while reading The Hunger Games, this book can also bring out cringes you didn’t expect when those scenes are upon you. View Spoiler » I was a little disappointed that the obstacles in this leg of the race didn’t seem as extreme and well-described as in Fire & Flood. Maybe that’s just my imagination because it was all so new and obscene in the first book. I just felt like this one didn’t have that same shock level of each obstacles the characters came upon as before. I have to say I think I enjoyed the characters more in this book than in the first. I felt like I knew them and connected with them on a deeper level during this part of the race. I wasn’t a huge fan of Tella’s in the first book, but she definitely grew on me more in this one. I was happy to see she was more confident and strong, and way less whiny and annoying. Phew!  ;) And that ending… THAT ENDING! I did NOT know this was going to have a third book. I was under the impression this would be the end of this two-book series… but nope. That ending made me cringe, thinking that I now have who knows how long to wait for book 3. This is why I don’t usually read series. The wait between books KILLS ME!! Okay, I think it’s extremely obvious by my excessive use of capital letters and exclamation points that this book brought out all kinds of reactions from me. It was intense. It was book-gripping. It was unputdownable! (I realize that’s not a real word… but it WAS!) It was also disgusting, haunting, and totally suffocating at times. Read this book. Read this series. JUST DO IT!
BlkosinerBookBlog More than 1 year ago
     I wanted to read Salt and Stone because it has been near the top of anticipated releases, and I have been itching to have it in my hands. I somehow missed it on Edelweiss, and figured that I would be waiting for the release day, but got approved at the last moments and was doing a dance. I was almost afraid that it wouldn't be as good as the characters and fast paced plot that I had built up in my mind, but I wasn't disappointed.         I was so glad to be back in this world. I have missed Tella and Madox, her animal companion assigned to help her in the competition. Tella is fighting along with others for a cure. All of their loved ones are sick and the founders of the Brimstone Bleed are offering the winners cures for whatever ails their family. The first book took them through the jungle and desert, and she couldn't imagine what would happen in the next two legs of the race that would be any worse than what she has faced.     Guy, the romantic interest on this series really won my heart but he has put space between them. Worse, their interactions has left Tella questioning her own strength. I hate that and though I want to believe the best in Guy, he certainly wasn't making it easy. I saw his struggle, because he is fighting for someone as well, and he also has a bigger plan to take down the Bleed from the inside, so he is determined to win. His protectiveness and attachment to Tella is something he couldn't have foreseen, and I can tell he is struggling with perspective.    Salt and Stone leaves Tella facing the sea, and the mountains covered in ice. She faces things that she never imagined. Beside her she has also collected pandoras. Monster is by her side--he is a huge bear. She also sees a lizard being marked before the start of 3rd and she begs for him to become hers as well. She continues to show great compassion to the animals, the most to hers of course, but she can't stand to see the animals in pain or being mistreated. Tella has an enormous heart for the group of allies that have gathered around her as well. She has to try to remind herself that only one will win the cure, and balance that with the bonds that inevitably form when struggling through such hard climates, challenges and life or death.      Tella has to make some impossible choices in this one. Does she prioritize the cure for Cody? Her new friends who have banded together? Her pandoras especially Maddox who has risked his life, and provided so much comfort to her. All while exhausted, dehydrated, faced with the extremes of the earth. I savored every second, and don't know what that says about me that this is ultimate entertainment except that I am attached to her as well.      The end came at a good time in the book, and now I will be craving the next book for the next year like I have for Salt and Stone. This is a series that has made an impression on me, and even with my evolving reading styles and preferences, this has stood the 5 star rating.  Bottom Line: Exciting second book as good as the first with characters I adore. 
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Love these books. Please finish the series.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Zach the Lego thing
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book (and the series as a whole) is undoubtedly one of my favorites ever. Fast paced, hilarious, witty, exciting and downright moving. The characters are brilliant and unique, the plot is thrilling and nerve-wracking, and the humor is well placed and clever as can be. SALT & STONE is an amazing sequel to an incredible story. The highest of recommendations!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I enjoyed it as much if not more than the first one. I eagerly await the next one!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Goldenfurproductions More than 1 year ago
MY THOUGHTS After the brilliance of the first book, I was more than excited to jump into this book! This book was even more exciting than the first! Tella has completed the first two challenges in the Brimstone Bleed, a competition she entered to save her brother, and she's getting closer to winning the cure. Winning, of course, isn't that easy. She still has two more challenges to get through, each more challenging than the last. With the creators of the competition throwing more dangerous stuff in their way and the fellow competitors becoming harder to trust, Tella has her work cut out for her. But she's more determined than ever to save her brother. As I mentioned, this book is as much as a thrill ride as the first book! This book is so fast-paced and so much happens, it's phenomenal! I still believe that this book series is unique in the world of YA. Sure, the Brimstone Bleed sounds Hunger Games-ish, but it's not even close. Also, this is not a dystopian, it's just a screwed up adventure thrill ride! Don't even get me started on the Pandoras, I've never seen such a thing in YA! Now, Tella has changed so much since the beginning of Fire & Flood. She was a bit annoying in that book, but now she is such a strong character. I was annoyed at her when she decided to hold a grudge against Guy for not letting her help herself out of situations. Though, I could understand why she felt that way and she ended up discovering that she's a great leader! As for romance, there isn't much. This book follows the usual rule of sequels with the couple keeping distance from one another. Tella keeps distance because of how she believes that he sees her as someone to save, and Guy just can't own up to his feelings. All of this, though, allowed all of the important Brimstone Bleed action come to the forefront.  I was under the impression for some reason that this was a duology. It's not. There's more to this series and ,sadly, this book was kind of left hanging. Just thought I should put that out there, since I was expecting an ending. Now I'm upset that I have to wait so long for the next book (if it comes out). IN CONCLUSION Even though I'm bitter about the ending, this book was still fantastic! I strongly recommend this series to fans of action-packed with a little sci-fi mixed in!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The adventure of Fire and Flood continues in Victoria Scott's sequel Salt and Stone. Characters are real enough to cheer for, cry with or despise. The story of hardship and survival reach new heights as more things are revealed about this horrific contest where one contestant will win a cure for a dying family member. With the help of their genetically altered animal Pandoras, each of which have amazing abilities, the contestants are desposed of until one finishes first at the end of the game. This book grabs hold of you and won't let go until the last page is read...even then you'll want more. I had no problem paying top dollar for this book and will so again as the saga continues. These books are not a treat...they are a complete meal. Jp
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I can not even put this book into words it is so good, please let there be a sequel
JenLBW More than 1 year ago
I have read every one of Victoria Scott’s published books and I think that Salt & Stone might be one of my favorites.  I loved Fire & Flood because there were so many unique things about it, especially the main character Tella. I love Salt & Stone because of the way the plot unfolds. The thing that is so amazingly awesome about Salt & Stone is there is always something going on. I would put the book down and then pick it back up and be right into the next crazy thing. I loved it. So addicting. Although after I finished reading it I wanted to stare at the wall for a while. Digest what I read and then I desperately wanted to talk about it but I don’t want to ruin it for anyone else. The best thing to do with this book is go in blind. It is action packed like I said but there are also some seriously emotional moments. Like oh my god that just happened, even though you know that it could happen. Anything can happen really. I was having mixed feelings about Tella in this book. I understood her frustration with the way Guy is overly protective of her but she’s a strong girl. I felt like her need for approval was actually making her weak. I kept thinking she needed to pull a page from Harper’s book. Knowing she’s fierce and not needing anyone to tell her so. As we progress through the third and fourth portions of the race she really starts to develop and by the end I really liked her again. She learned along the way and managed to find balance. I love the group that Tella travels with. It’s an interesting dynamic and you find yourself getting attached to the characters. They come and go for different reasons. It is a race to save a loved one.   That ending. Geez. Once again I want to talk about so much of it!! Ahhh! If you enjoyed Fire and Flood, I think you will be blown away by Salt and Stone. I’m still wrapping my head around it.
Alyssa75 More than 1 year ago
***Review posted on The Eater of Books! blog*** Salt & Stone by Victoria Scott Book Two of the Fire & Flood series Publisher: Scholastic Publication Date: February 24, 2015 Rating: 4 stars Source: ARC sent by the publisher Summary (from Goodreads): How far would you go to survive?  In FIRE & FLOOD, Tella Holloway faced a dangerous trek through the jungle and a terrifying march across the desert, all to remain a Contender in the Brimstone Bleed for a chance at obtaining the Cure for her brother. She can't stop--and in SALT & STONE, Tella will have to face the unseen dangers of the ocean, the breathless cold of a mountain, and twisted new rules in the race. But what if the danger is deeper than that? How do you know who to trust when everyone's keeping secrets? What do you do when the person you'd relied on most suddenly isn't there for support? How do you weigh one life against another? The race is coming to an end, and Tella is running out of time, resources, and strength. At the beginning of the race there were 122 Contenders. As Tella and her remaining friends start the fourth and final part of the race, just forty-one are left...and only one can win. Victoria Scott's stunning thriller will leave readers' hearts racing! What I Liked: I really like Victoria Scott's books. I read (and enjoyed) the Dante Walker trilogy, and Fire & Flood, so I had a good feeling about this book. Thank goodness the sequel was not only NOT a victim of the sequel slump - but it was better than the first book (in my opinion)! Tella and the other Contenders have crossed the jungle and desert - and now, the ocean and mountain waits for them. As she and her group go farther into the Brimstone Bleed, tensions run higher. The terrains get more dangerous and treacherous. Trust is a fragile thing, and Tella must reassess who she can trust and who she should be wary of, all the while, trying to survive and obtain the Cure for her brother.  There is a lot of internal struggling in this book, as well as man vs. nature, and man vs. man. Tella doesn't know if she can trust the new members of the existing group formed in book one. Cotton, a boy who joins them in the ocean terrain, is very strange, but not like Dink (in Fire & Flood). Willow is a girl that also joins them in the ocean terrain, and she is also a bit odd. Tella wants to trust the current members in her group - Braun, Olivia, Guy, etc. - but a group is always difficult to control. There is also a struggle between Guy and Tella. Guy has not touched Tella since telling her about his goal of taking down the Brimstone Bleed. Guy is also a hugeee alpha male, and like to boss everyone around. However, Tella is quite intelligent, even if she hasn't had training like Guy has. Tella wants to dictate orders to the group, but Guy shoots her down a lot. This would have irked me more except that while Tella IS intelligent, I'd say that Guy is more so (in terms of the Brimstone Bleed). He's not always right (as he quickly learns at one point), but he is clever. I liked Tella more in this book. I felt like I could connect with her more - maybe because it quickly became apparent that our personalities are similar. She's very girly (which I'm not necessarily), she's very kindhearted (which I'd like to say that I am), and she's pretty selfless when it comes to humans OR Pandoras. I remember thinking to myself at certain scenes, I would have done the same exact thing. Like with Oz the Pandora (he's a new one). On several occasions, I would have felt really bad for him too, and done certain things. There are many, many secondary characters, and I really liked all of them! Even the weird ones, like Cotton and Willow. I still can't really figure out Willow, or Olivia. The two of them don't really get along, it seems. I can't remember how I felt about Harper in Fire & Flood, but I liked her in this book. She's very direct and gutsy. The romance is there, it's not, it is. There is NO love triangle, and throughout the two books, no insta-love. I really like Guy, and I really like Tella, and I really like how their relationship is developing. They are slowly learning to trust each other, lean on each other, cede to each other. Tella wants Guy to let her make decisions, and she wants him to express how he feels about her. Guy wants Tella to be safe. Towards the end of this book, things really click between these two. But they totally have a love/hate thing going on, and it definitely leads to some steamy scenes. I loved the plot in this book, the story. I feel like more things happen in this book, more death, more craziness, more Pandora action, more high stakes. Which is great, because Fire & Flood already had these things! I could not have guessed what would happen at different points throughout the book. I could not have predicted the ending. Oh my gosh, the ending. I seriously hope there will be a third book in the series, because this series CANNOT end the way it did with this book! What I Did Not Like: While the author definitely amps up the tension and stakes and creativity of the world and story, there are definitely more Hunger Games similarities in this book. Like, for example, there are people betting on the Contenders, which they didn't know, going into the Brimstone Bleed. This is similar to the contestants in The Hunger Games having sponsors (or something like that). There are similarities, but not enough for me to be all like OMG THIS IS BASICALLY THE HUNGER GAMES. Because that's not what's happening. Would I Recommend It: If you enjoyed Fire & Flood, then I think you'll definitely enjoy this book! Personally, I thought it was better than Fire & Flood, and I know others have thought that as well. Especially others who didn't even like Fire & Flood, but liked Salt & Stone a lot. So, that's saying something! Rating: 4 stars. I hope there will be another book in the series. I want more!
Addicted_Readers More than 1 year ago
4 Stars SALT & STONE was a high stake race through two ecosystems that produced heart-pounding, action-packed adventure, to save the one you love. With it's combined thrilling determination for survival and the racing fast-paced plot, SALT & STONE sped though the pages and into a tangled web of conspiracies, lies, murder, survival, and a determination to endure the unthinkable to save the one you love!!! SALT & STONE was a fun second installment with thrills and chills that kept your heart pumping in anticipation. I enjoyed this follow up a lot, but not as much as the first book, FIRE & FLOOD. The first book was off the hook EPIC!!! I loved it so much and it was definitely one of my favorite book last year. But sadly, SALT & STONE did not reach that same level of excitement for me, but it was still good nevertheless. LET ME TRY TO EXPLAIN WHY... I was ready for the crazy, unthinkable, mind blowing obstacles and earth moving revelations, and for the bottom to fall out of this series at alarming rate. But I didn't get any of that from SALT & STONE. From all the epic awesomeness that FIRE & FLOOD brought, my expectations were sky high, probably a little too high. But like I said above, I still did enjoy it a lot, but not no where near as much as I'd hoped for. SALT & STONE felt lacking in the romance department. Unlike book one where the romance between Tella and Guy was hands shaking, spine tingling, and mind blowing. In SALT & STONE Tella and Guy argued most of the time and where at odds over every little thing. And it was annoying and so dam stupid what they were arguing over. It was like they were wrestling for control and leadership, when they both could of just put their childish differences aside and worked together. Granted, Tella was trying to find herself through all of this, and felt her only reason for making it as far as she did was because of Guy. But it wasn't his fault she was going through life-changing issues, and she didn't have to take it all out on him and be such a bit*h about it. Guy was only trying to take care of the one he loves and support her through it all. But it did get a lot better on that aspect towards the end of the book when Tella started to understand and accept who she truly was. I guess it was a necessary growth they had to go through to get to where they're at in the end. But I just didn't like the way it was done, and all the negativity and bad blood between them in the process. Then the action was another let down I had with this book. It was definitely there, and it was good, but it wasn't at all like I'd hoped for. I just wanted more from it all; I wanted more answers then what I got, I wanted more drama in the plot, I wanted more obstacles and hardships for the characters, I just wanted and expected more from SALT & STONE, if that makes any since at all?? I guess it was my fault for having such high expectations from the beginning. If I wouldn't of expected so much from it, then I wouldn't of been let down like I was, and I even might of loved it. But nevertheless, it was still a fun ride that I enjoyed! THE PLOT Tella's made it through two of four legs of the race, enduring the harsh and dangerous environments that only get harder and more deadly with each ecosystems she encounters. But so far she's survived through it all, she has let nothing tear her down, though from time to time she's had more then a few near death experiences, but she still succeeded every time. And this time, she's stronger, harder, and more determined then ever. She's prepared to follow through with any and all of the Brimstone Bleed's insane plots and deadly antics that they will most definitely have in store for them. And she's ready for anything, she's ready to go down fighting... The numbers of the competitors are dwindling with each leg of the race, and the environment is getting harsher then any she's been through, but with her group at her side, and her Pandora's close by, Tella's ready for anything, or is she... The Brimstone Bleed has bended their rules to fit their insane little game, and Tella just so happens to be their unknowing and unwilling star. But she's struggling with herself and her dependence on Guy, and wonders if she's strong enough for this race, and questions if she would of made it this far without him. But all of that becomes an after thought when the race starts to speed up with the end in sight, but with only one capable winner, and everyone out to be that champion, everything starts to become an onslaught of desperation. But what are they really willing to do in order to be that last man standing and win the Cure for their loved one? Are they willing to lie, cheat, betray, and even murder to get what the want, and if so, doesn't that make them just as guilty as the Brimstone bleed?? Tella will have to go through unthinkable hardships while discovering who she is and what she's actually capable of, all while determining if she really is strong enough to survive this race, and if so, how far is she willing to go to be the first one over the finish line?? SALT & STONE was a great finish to the race, though not what I expected and not as much action and interaction with the other contenders as I hoped for. BUT... still, it was great, and I enjoyed a lot of the test, obstacles, and the harsh and deadly ecosystems that Tella and the rest of the team went through! And THAT ENDING!!!! OMG, I kinda had a clue as too what was going to happen, and who was going to win, but when it finally did played out, GOODNESS, IT . WAS . TORTURE!!!! Overall, SALT & STONE didn't live up to it's predecessor in my opinion, but still added it's own exciting, nice touch to this series! I enjoyed it, though not a much as I hoped, but still enough to keep me reading until the very ending to see how everything plays out, because that cliffhanger ending was crazy torture!!!. I think this is a great series and definitely do recommended it to fans of dystopia and survival, you will find this series right up your alley!!! NOTE: I received a Physical ARC from Scholastic Press for reviewing purposes! All opinions express are my own and are not influenced in any way!
WorldsCollide More than 1 year ago
An excellent sequel to the fantastic Fire & Flood, Salt & Stone was a top-notch YA read. With high-stake thrills and unexpected turns, this book was amazing and I loved it. Tella definitely went through some changes in this book, some better than others. Her development was actually my one issue with the book. In the beginning, she realized that she relied a lot of Guy and wanted to become more independent. Nothing wrong with that, though I didn't see following the advice of someone who knew what they were talking about as weak. The trouble was that her idea of independence was going against whatever Guy said just to be contrary, even though his advice was worth a lot. Also, she didn't like being ordered around but in her quest to be stronger, she just turned around and started ordering everyone else around. And, all of this became most of her character in the book, in between caring for her Pardoras and swooning over Guy. Now, this didn't totally take down her character. She was still tougher than she believed she was and, eventually, her gut led her to the right calls. My issue was that it took a long time for her to find a balance between going with everything that Guy said and being an equal part of a duo. So, while I still liked her, I did grow frustrated with her on a few occasions. But, in the end, she did become a stronger character. Guy was as wonderful as he was in book 1. He was understandably confused as to why Tella suddenly went against everything he said but his one goal remained to get to the end of the race, keeping as many people safe as he could, and take down the race from the inside. And, in the end, after Tella found her balance, he was able to change his single-minded goal to include the friends who wanted to help and respect the team as a whole. I thought he was an absolutely adorable badass. The romance was still light in this book and it definitely evolved. Tella and Guy were able to find themselves on equal footing and, near the end, we started to see how they would work as a cohesive team. From the hints we get of that, it was clear that they would be a formidable force together. I just hope things keep looking up for them in the next book. Can I just say how much I love the Pandoras? They're totally badass animals capable of utter destruction, yet they're so gentle and adorable with their Contenders. I just adored them. The plot was fantastic. It was a nonstop roller-coaster of thrills, twists, and constant danger. And the end definitely left things on an ominous note that has me anxious to find out what happens next. Can't wait for more! Salt & Stone was a fantastic YA read that I totally loved. It was a sequel that doesn't disappoint, complete with thrills, action, danger, and a bit of romance. YA lovers, this is a must read book. *I received a complimentary copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review