Ruff Justice

Ruff Justice

by Laurien Berenson

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Ruff Justice 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 13 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Great read!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Can't wait for more...
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Another wonderful Melanie Travis mystery
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Not disappointing but truly the caliber we've appreciated in previous novels. I didn't want it to end. Can't wait for next one Ms B.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Just finished reading Ruff Justice by Laurien Berenson and it was terrific! If you're already a fan of Berenson's Melanie Travis Canine Mystery series, you already know that each new release is as good as the ones before it and you've probably already read this next installment in the adventures of Melanie, her family and Standard Poodles, and the the crazy world of dog shows! If you are unfamiliar with this engaging series, what are you waiting for, lol? As longtime fans know, and newcomers discover, the characters in this series quickly feel like friends and it feels like coming home to pick up where we left off when each new book comes out! The author does such a wonderful and natural job of explaining people, the dogs and the show world, that newbies (and even non-dog show people) are quickly up to speed and longtime readers aren't ever bogged down. I have no idea how she does that, but it's awesome because it means you can jump into this 20-plus book series anywhere and not be lost! You'll be putting both chores and bedtime on hold as you stay glued to the pages and feel the ups and downs of Davy's quest for a championship with his poodle Augie, Melanie and Aunt Peg's search for a murderer and a missing dog-sitter, and Melanie's mission to solve the mystery of a suddenly failing new student at her day job as a tutor — all of which is accomplished with humor, witty and natural dialogue, and the perfect combination of action and dialogue.
Bookaholic-mka More than 1 year ago
I never miss a book in this series. I wait with baited breath for a new one to come out. Now these are cozies so I am not saying they are deep, complex books but they are fun, somewhat complex, always entertaining and have lots of dogs in them. Let me tell you one order to enjoy these books you had better like dogs and you'd better like learning everything about how to show a dog. I happen to like this part of Berenson's books just as much as I enjoy Melanie Travis and her family. Laurien Berenson has created a delightful family and over the years they have changed and grown right along with we readers. As an author, you cannot write 22 books covering a few characters in just a few years’ time without having the creative ability to keep those characters alive and interesting and a group of people your readers identify with. Otherwise, not a soul would read past Book 10. Berenson has obviously accomplished this. This is Book 22 in the series titled "Melanie Davis Canine Mystery". Book 22 can definitely stand alone and be enjoyed without having read earlier books. However…all of Berenson’s books have good reviews. Don’t miss any of them. ***This book was provided to me free of charge in exchange for an honest review.
KrisAnderson_TAR More than 1 year ago
Ruff Justice by Laurien Berenson is the twenty-second (wow) novel in The Melanie Travis Canine Mystery series. Melanie Travis along with her husband, two sons, and Augie are at the Sedgefield dog show. Davey is hoping to complete Augie’s, his Standard Poodle, championship after two years. Augie does not get the win, but Aunt Peg discovers a dead body. Aunt Peg had ordered a special leash for Coral, her six-month-old Standard Poodle puppy, from artist Jasmine Crane. Jasmine was not at her booth and Aunt Peg (you know how she is) was determined to find the leash. Instead, Aunt Peg found Jasmine strangled behind her booth. The next day, Aunt Peg is visited by her dog sitter’s twin sister, Abby. It seems Amanda Burke has been missing for twenty-four hours and her sister is worried about her. It turns out that Amanda lived in the apartment over Jasmine Crane’s garage. It cannot be a coincidence that Amanda disappeared after Jasmine was murdered. Abby had heard about Aunt Peg and Melanie’s success with investigations in the past. She wants them to find her sister and, of course, they agree. Melanie will have to fit in questioning in between teaching, duties at home (laundry, grocery shopping, cleaning), the kids, the various dog shows, a student who is being bullied, taking care of the dogs, and spending time with her husband, Sam. Melanie has a busy life, but she would not have it any other way. Melanie soon finds herself ensnared in two perplexing mysteries. Ruff Justice contains good writing and established characters. Melanie has grown over the course of the series. She has a happy home life with her two kids, loving husband and six dogs (five Standard Poodles and Bud). Aunt Peg, though, has not changed one iota. She is still headstrong and likes things done her way. Davey, Kevin and the dogs (especially Bud) provide levity. I had a good laugh over the finger paint and tomato incidents. Sam is the stabilizing influence and I love that he does not discourage Melanie’s investigating. The characters are likeable and relatable. The dog show judging is quite interesting (I did not realize how many dog breeds there were). There are many variables as we see in Ruff Justice as Davey and Augie work towards their goal of earning Augie his championship title. It is obvious that the author is well versed in the subject of dog competitions (it comes through in the book). Laurien Berenson explains dog show judging in a way that is easy to understand. One of Melanie’s tutoring students, Francesca is being bullied, and I like how Melanie addresses the situation. The mystery is well-crafted and multi-faceted. I do wish, though, that the author had included a twist. I was able to identify the culprit early in the story (my one complaint). Ruff Justice is not a standalone book. You cannot just pick up Ruff Justice and dive in. My rating for Ruff Justice is 4.5 out of 5 stars. If you are looking for an engaging cozy mystery with great characters and a complicated mystery, then pick up Ruff Justice.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Really a fun read. Great summer escape.
Dollycas More than 1 year ago
Dollycas’s Thoughts Dog show competitions are a big part of Melanie Travis’ and her family’s life. Her Aunt Peg got the ball rolling and now their house is filled with 5 Standard Poodles and one spotted mutt. Four of the poodles are retired show champions and the poodle that belongs to her 13-year-old son Davey is just a few points away from his championship. Dog shows also include a lot of vendors who sell the wares to the attendees. Over time a close-knit community is formed. Aunt Peg had taken an interest in an artist, Jasmine Crane, who had added accessories like collars and leashes to her custom canine portrait business. Peg had ordered a new leash for her new puppy. When she arrived at Jasmine’s booth to pick it up she found something most disturbing. The artist was dead, a custom leash was around her neck, another murder. Peg gets Melanie involved immediately. Then Peg learns her dog sitter and tenant of Jasmine Crane is missing. Is she missing because she killed her landlord? Or has the killer taken her life too? Or is she hiding because she is in danger? Melanie is searching for answers and is ready to deal out some Ruff Justice, that is even the killer doesn’t set their eyes on her first! I first have to say that I absolutely envy Melanie Travis and her husband Sam and how they handle a household full of 2 sons, 13-year-old Davey and 4-year-old Kevin, the 5 poodles and a wonderful mutt named Bud, all while holding down jobs, weekends full of dog shows, and everything Aunt Peg throws at them. Even when you add a murder and missing person, they still manage to stay on top of everything. Their lives are far from easy can be full of drama, but there are so many moments that had me laughing out loud. Ms. Berenson has created a cast of loveable characters, both human and canine. Over the course of these series, they have become old friends. She has also created a spectacular mystery. Everyone at the dog show is a suspect. The police seem to be stumped, but because Melanie knows the dog show world inside and out and Aunt Peg knows everybody in the dog show world, Melanie is quick to sort out who actually would have wanted Jasmine Crane dead. She also gets a good handle on why the dog sitter is missing. Now she just has to go through the paces and ask the right questions to collar the real culprit. It was so much fun to follow Melanie with each twist and each turn until the whole mystery comes together. I found the subplot of the new student in Melanie’s school very interesting. She takes her Standard Poodle, Faith, to school with her every day. Faith has a way of getting the kids relaxed and ready to learn as Melanie tutors them. A new student opens up to Melanie about a problem she was having after just a couple of sessions. I loved the way she handled the issue head-on. and gave some really good advice. My dogs are a little more low maintenance in the grooming department being Border Collie/Blue Heeler mixes, they had no dog shows to worry about. But their temperament reminds me a lot of Melanie’s dog Faith. They are my canine companions and read my emotions pretty easily. At almost 15 years old we have a lot of history, but they are slowing down a bit. Our vet told us to prepare ourselves because they are getting up there in age. I don’t even want to think about life without them. Like the dogs in this story and like dogs in most families they are an integral part of our lives. Laurien Berenson brings what I feel every day
LisaKsBooksReviews More than 1 year ago
As a dog lover there was just no way I could pass this series by. I’ve been reading it since back in the day before the term “cozy” mystery was ever mentioned. I have loved every single one of them. (I will admit with some shame that I didn’t review back then. So, this is only my fifth book in the series with a review.) Author Laurien Berenson has done it again. I was so invested in the story that day turned to night before I realized it. RUFF JUSTICE was an exciting whodunit with suspects and motives aplenty. With more twists and turns than a dog show obstacle course, all my guesses were just that, guesses. The reveal completely caught me off guard. While she certainly writes brilliant mysteries, it author Berenson’s knowledge of canines, and dog competitions that really shine through. I have learned so much about the subject since starting this series, and RUFF JUSTICE has greatly added to that knowledge. Cozy mystery fans, dog lovers, anyone wanting for a wonderful read, RUFF JUSTICE is what you’re looking for!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
thoroughly entertaining from start to finish!
Chatting-About-Cozies More than 1 year ago
“Ruff Justice”, Book 22 in the popular Melanie Travis Canine Mysteries, is a witty masterpiece for fans of pets and dog show competitions. For the Travis family, raising and showing standard poodles is a daily part of their household life. As son, Davey, struggles to lead his dog, Augie, to a championship win, Melanie and Aunt Peg begin to follow a trail of dog treats to expose an unscrupulous theft ring using its ties to the dog show competitors to set up robberies. Ms. Berenson knows the ins and outs of the dog show business and her characters are likable and family oriented. I enjoy the combination of numerous dogs; the hecticness of Melanie and husband Sam’s life with young sons and Aunt Peg; and the excitement at the dog competitions. I doubt I could keep up with a dog in all the backstage flurry at one of the shows! The mystery is well-hidden in the plot structure, but there are clues to stir your curiosity as to who the culprit may be. I’ve never read a book in this series that I didn’t enjoy! I reviewed an ARC provided by the author. Thank you.
In_My_Humble_OpinionDA More than 1 year ago
Ruff Justice is a sweet and sassy cozy mystery and though it is part of a series it can be read stand alone. Melanie Travis is a multi-tasker, she is a wife and mom, she houses four standard poodles and a mutt, she is a tutor at a high class school and she is an amateur sleuth. This story lets us follow her trail while she juggles all her roles. I really enjoyed the ride. I did find myself googling various dog breeds to see what they looked like while reading this story.