Red Sky in Morning: A Novel

Red Sky in Morning: A Novel

by Paul Lynch


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Red Sky in Morning: A Novel 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Oh please continue this awesome tale!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
(Thank you for all the wonderful comments! For some people,their character app cats may not appear until later chapters.) <p> Dawn rose in the sky, calling the moon to rest. Sunlight shown everywhere, and it seemed to be beckoning a kit in the nursery. The sun stretched farther, as the morning began to take over. <p> Morningkit woke up and yawned, then remembered what had happened last night. Her father! She sprang to her paws. She darted out of the nursery and searched the camp, high and low. She was heading over to the medicence den when she heard voices coming from it. She reconized her father's voice and immediently darted to the side of the nursery. She listened. "I can't have a daughter like this!" Her father mewed, panicked. Another voice. Lightfeather's. "Flamewind.." "Do something!" Her father mewed. "Anything!" Lightfeather mewed cooly, "I cannot. A kit is a gift. She is a gift from StarClan. A blessing. She is very special." "But.." Morningkit's father mewed. Lightfeather glared, and her father's voice faltered. Morningkit's father picked up Risingkit and marched out of the medicence den. Morningkit followed. <p> They came to the leader's den. Her father marched in. Morningkit listened. "Silverstar, I have an albino daughter. Do you allow such cats in your clan?" There was a hint of triumph in her father's voice. Silverstar mewed, "You're hoping I'll say no." Morningkit's father protested but Silverstar continued. "My answer is yes. She is special. Protect her." There was a sigh from her father. Risingkit mewed, "Dad, don't you love me?" Her father sighed and mewed, "I will always love you." Her father padded back to the nursery. <p> The kits were playing mossball. Dewkit whined until she could go first, of course. Weedkit was boasting about next moon him and Dewkit were apprintences and he had no time for baby games. Risingkit was in the medicence den, visiting. Russetkit was talking with Nettlefur, which was strange, because Nettlefur didn't like kits. He seemed to be spending alot of time with her lately. Morningkit batted the ball to Dewkit, who fluttered her eyes at Firekit. Dewkit shot it really high, and Firekit lept even higher to catch it. "Nice job!" Morningkit mewed. Firekit gave a nod and padded off to with Windkit. Dewkit smiled. "Anyone want to play with me?" Berrykit and Lilykit mumbled something about elders, and scuttled off. Morningkit headed over to Risingkit, who was chattering excitedly. <p> Later that night, Morningkit heard crying. It was coming from the corner of the nursery. It was Dewkit. Morningkit padded over and mewed, "What's wrong?" Dewkit sniffled. "Nobody will play with me!" She mewed. "Maybe if you were nicer-" mewed Morningkit but she was interrupted by a voice. "Go away Morningkit." Morningkit turned around to face a frowning Weedkit. "Can't you see you've caused enough trouble?" He sat down next to Dewkit and put a paw around his sister. "There, there. Morningkit is gone." He glared at Morningkit, who padded out of the den sadly. She heard Spiderleg reporting to Silverstar. "We smelled a bit of rouge, and Nightwind spotted half eaten prey." Silverstar gave a nod. "This could be serious." Morningkit grew alarmed. Strange things were happening. <p> (Hope you enjoyed!) ~ Morning
SUEHAV More than 1 year ago
If B&amp;N reviews the do they allow people to use this as a useless conversation blog with nothing to do with this book???????????
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The ginger she-cat with green eyes looked at Ravenmoon. "I think you missed her," she said, flicking her tail before moving to leave.