Prince Siddhartha

Prince Siddhartha


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Guest More than 1 year ago
The story of the Buddha's life is perhaps the most beautiful, inspiring and philosophically profound of all the world's myths and legends. Here you have a very different type of hero: not the usual sword-happy Arnie-type, but simply an intelligent, sensitive human being who discovers a wonderful treasure and freely shares it with the rest of humankind. In this respect Landaw and Brooke have done an excellent job retelling this great story. The language is clear and simple and flows easily, but by no means over-simplifies the Buddhist message as a result. Brooke's pen-and-watercolour illustrations could perhaps have been done more finely, but still they bring out fully the beauty of the story and of the Buddha's person all the same. If you have a child and would like to let him/her know of the glory that is Buddhism, this is the book. But don't wait until you have a child to read it yourself.