The Pledge (Pledge Trilogy Series #1)

The Pledge (Pledge Trilogy Series #1)

by Kimberly Derting


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The Pledge 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 256 reviews.
Lostnthestax More than 1 year ago
In a world where language divides the classes and everyone is expected to behave according to their stature in life, Charlie is no ordinary vendor's daughter, she can understand every language she hears. Try as she might to keep her head down and avoid drawing attention to herself, she makes a potentially grave mistake one night when she overhears a handsome stranger speaking in a tongue she's never heard before. I used to refuse to read dystopian fiction. I know, I know. I was missing out on some really spectacular books and I have long since seen the errors of my ways. The thing is, I thought that they were just filled with death, destruction, and totally depressing themes. I might have had one bad experience with a book I will not name, for fear of reprisal, but now I know the real value of the genre is in the fantastic world building and the courageous characters. The Pledge is no exception, I was pulled into Charlie's world right away and I couldn't stop reading until I knew what fate held in store for her. I loved Derting's twist on language and its role as a barrier amongst people, but the happiest surprise was how brave and strong the minor characters turned out to be. I was biting my nails as much for them as I was for the main character. While I liked Derting's The Body Finder series, I have to say this book takes her writing to a whole new level and I can't wait for the next book! This is an advanced reader's copy courtesy of Simon & Schuster GalleyGrab.
jenababy13 More than 1 year ago
With its unique concepts, thrilling moments, and unexpected twists, The Pledge deserves all the fantastic praise its been receiving. We start off with Charlaina, or Charlie for short, who is of the vendor class. In Charlie's world, language is everything... and each class has its own language. She's not in the lowest class and she's not in a higher class either, but Charlie has a secret: she can understand each and every language. A trait which if revealed, could be the death of her. One night, when Charlie decides to go to a club with her best friend Brook, she meets the mysterious and sexy Max. But, Max and his friends can speak a language she's never heard before, yet she can still interpret it. As she gets to know Max, and new secrets are revealed, Charlie begins to realize she's far more important than she's realized. I have to give it to Kimberly Derting, The Pledge is very unique, and has many unexpected twists... some I saw coming and others that made my jaw drop. She created such a dark, and thrilling world that I loved reading about. I think it was Dee from Good Choice Reading that said "I could see this as a movie!" and I SOO, SOO agree. I think this book would make the best movie ever. Hey... I've got blonde hair, can I try out for Charlie?! Just kidding haha, but in all seriousness, this book is set up that if it was a movie, I'd see at midnight opening day. The details, the magic, the violence, the secrets, the imagery is just all set up so beautifully. With the characters, I so adored them all. Each and every character had a role to play, and was important to the story somehow. Charlie, is a brilliant lead character. She's strong, and careful, and the love she has for her family is just so admirable. Speaking of her family, I just couldn't get enough of her little sister, Angelina. Next, Charlie's best friends Brooklynn and Aron... Brook was, well without spoiling anything, was a very surprising character. At first, I honestly didn't think she was a very good friend but throughout the book, she grew on me. And Aron, well Aron is the sweetheart best guy friend we all know and love. And... Max. Mmm sexy, mysterious, protective Max. What can I say without spoiling anything... but that I loved his role and his determination, and I'd take me a Max any day! There are other characters that played roles too... Xander, Eden, Zafir, Claude, Sydney, Sabara, Charlie's Parents, and they all were enjoyable to read about. Overall, The Pledge is a magical and mysterious story that I'm sure so many readers will enjoy. And, I have to mention the cover! I think the cover is beautiful and fits the book perfectly. Also, I'm SO happy that this will be a series because after that ending I need more! I need to know what happens to Charlie! I need more Max! I need more unexpected twists and another riveting dark story!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Interesting idea and setup, but not at all carried to fruition, although fast-paced action. The plot twists were easily guessed, and the ending incredibly non-original. That said, the love story made no sense. Besides base attraction, Max and Charlie never have any connection, there is no dialogue or action where they really get to know one another. I kept reading this book, due to the praise of an author I love, Carrie Ryan, and thinking that things would shape up. They didn't.
KimballSK More than 1 year ago
So, Charlie resides in Ludania, a country where they keep everyone divided into a rigid caste system. Like the age-old residents of Babel (as in Tower of), Ludania's citizens cannot understand any languages other than that of their caste and a universal language, except Charlie (natch, or we wouldn't have much of a story here...). So, you know something's up the minute the mysterious Max comes on the scene and she can understand him although she's never heard the language before. Max (of course) is drawn to Charlie because she is so compelling. (I'm so over this device in YA novels.)¿ However, the day is saved (in terms of me not having a diabetic attack due to sappy overload) because Charlie doesn't immediately fall head over heels for Max just because he's dreamy. She makes him work for it and that's a good thing. If every teen girl starts taking a page out of most YA novels and falls for the first hot, creepy guy that is drawn (lusting) after them, we are in BIG trouble. Charlie is a great FP (female protagonist) and has a good sense of responsibility and love for her family. I liked rebel leader, Xander's role and was wondering if a potential love triangle was going to pop up. Max for all of his instant-love-you-forever-sappiness eventually won me over and, by the end, I was happy with how his part of the story winded up. Although, I'm sure, this book is just the beginning of a series, it really could have stood alone. You can see that there is room for more to tell, but I appreciate that Derting kept the novel intact instead of treating it as an Act I, as so many YA authors are doing lately. The pace was fire-quick and I was able to breeze through The Pledge with a quickness. The Pledge introduces us to an amazing and unique world. Derting has created a tale that I definitely want more of and her characters kept my attention at every turn. Bring on the sequel!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The only thing i really didn't like was how she made the love connection toward Charlie and Max it seemed more of a love at first site which I'm not a big fan of. Otherwise the book was amazing
A_Moustache_Bookshelf More than 1 year ago
*****Originally posted on***** The Pledge is about a girl named Charlaina, or Charlie, who lives in a queendom where the language you speak depends on what class you're born in. There are strict rules and if you break the law, you die. However, Charlie has a power that might lead her to her death: she understand all languages.  I heard about the book over the Internet, but I wasn't sure if I should give it a try because of the different reviews I read. But here I am, recommending it to all of those of love dystopian books with a touch of romance. We really understand what she goes through and the author adds some details that, at first, don't have any meanings, but as the story goes on it start to make you go "Oh my god! So that's why blablabla". All little details in The Pledge had a meaning. Also, there is no typical friendzoned best friends, and I am really glad about it. It always make me sad and kind of guilty when the sweet best friend get friendzoned by the main protagonist. But it didn't happened, so let's party!!! *woop woop*  What I less enjoy was the fact that Charlaina wasn't the fighting-for-myself kind of girl, you know what I mean? Yes, she was understanding, caring and trustful but there was this little thing missing that would make her be the I'm-calm-but-don't-mess-with-me kind of girl. That made it hard for me to slip into the skin of the character. But I can't have everything I want. But since I am getting the second book...
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book is amazing! At first I was confused about what was happening but later everything was explained perfectly.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The idea of this plot is unfortunately better than the actual book. I felt it had so much potential, but the writing style just did not capture me. I felt it almost to be written in a very juvenile tone. Nothing descriptive or really emotionally capturing. I didn’t feel a strong connection to any of the characters, and often felt that things were happening too quickly, without much explanation. I really was not planning on reading the second book until I came to the very end, which finally drew my attention. Overall, it was a good read, but nothing spectacular, when you consider other dystopian series that are out there. I just finished reading the Chemical Garden Series, and felt that the world built around it was so descriptive and believable, the writing style made you fly through each chapter. Whereas, throughout the Pledge, I didn’t feel satisfied with the way characters suddenly became someone else entirely, with a very thin explanation, or the way it felt we were told just the bare minimum in order for the story to make sense. I’m hoping the next book will go into more detail and will strengthen the characters!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I loved the cincept of the book, the whole divison because of language is what caused me to read the book in the first place. As I continued in the book I realized that this book is as slightly dark and twisted as I hoped it would be. As I dont want to ruin the book for future readers, I will refain from devulging too much information, but this book will really have you hooked...I pledge to you(lolz...I couldn't resist)
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The pledge was great. It was perfect in every way, but I thought that Charlie and Max "fell in love" way too fast. Charlie goes from hating him one day to loving him the next. And nothing really goes on between them to make them love each other. No dialoge. Nothing in common. There just wasn't really a connection. I liked how this book is so unique. The author created such a new world where languages divide social classes.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book was nit what expected at first. The more I read the more I fell in love with it
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This story was everything a book should be. The story sucked you in within the very first chapter. The charters were strong but not over powering and i couldnt put in down until the end.
Ranousha More than 1 year ago
What I loved: From the beginning, I was intrigued by the world and the characters Kimberly created. There wasn’t a single familiar thing about them. The story itself is unique and interesting with a world were people are classed and each class has her own language and they’re forbidden from speaking others’ languages. And I thought it was pretty amazing how things developed. Having chapters with particular characters’ points of views was great. It didn’t occur every chapter but only when we needed to know what the other character, that Charlaina was dealing with, was thinking. They were accurate and in the right place at the right time. The characters were unique and distinct. Each time Charlaina described who she was talking to or seeing, you could know exactly who he/she was. Even Sabara was unique and intriguing. Unlike other readers of this book, I found that the ending had an opening for a sequel. It was good not great but it left me hoping for what to come. Oh, and the sequel, The Essence, is just a fitting title for the next one Winking smile. What I disliked: What I do agree on with some other readers however, is that Max’s character felt like it had to be there for Charlaina to have a love interest. It wasn’t a bad thing but I would’ve loved to see Max earn his place in her heart and do other things in the story rather then just always be around Charlaina pledging and protecting her. To me, he didn’t play an important role at all. Xander was much better… Conclusion: This is one amazing first book. I can’t wait until The Essence is out next year!! I recommend you go check it out if you’re into dystopian novels and unique stories.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This isn't one of those cheezy reviews saying "it was awesome!" This book is a romantic treat that leads up to fantastic ending promising a second book, thank god, anyway this book is about a girl and her little sister and a prince. And brothers but there isn't a srupid love triangle so it really works! Also you get to view the story from a couple other views but it really is mostly just the lovely main charector who truly has quite a chaarecter.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This was a good story but it lacked detail. I must admit thought, that the language class was a brilliant idea.
mistressofdark More than 1 year ago
The Pledge, though being a dystopian, felt more like a fantasy novel to me, what with all the magic and ancient queens. That’s not necessarily a bad thing since I also like fantasy. But, unfortunately, I was a bit disappointed by the end to find that the story and its characters feel completely flat for me. For one thing, the dialogues and plot seemed a little forced to me. Things were happening too abrupt, and there wasn’t always very much reasoning behind the characters actions. Also, there were some quick changes from one scene to the other, especially towards the end where everything seemed to be happening too fast. There was too much, too soon, not enough time to really grasp what was going on. Furthermore, I never really felt a liking towards the characters because they didn’t have much depth. They seemed flat and superficial. I couldn’t bring myself to really care for any of them. The love interest between Charlie and Max was yet another thing I just didn’t get. I couldn’t feel the chemistry between them and their feelings were underdeveloped and, again, forced. A plus, are the unpredictable twists in the plot. There were a few things that I really did not see coming and they did take me by surprise. And Kimberly Derting leaves some hints which you are only able to pick up on when you read it again, after knowing all there is to know. I always find this aspect cool in books and movies. The concept was an interesting one and the The Pledge ends without a cliffhanger (which is good), but I don’t think I will be continuing with the rest of the books in the series because I lost my interest somewhere on the way.
Hermione234 More than 1 year ago
I do not know if this is one of the top....100 books i have ever read out of the thousands of books i have read in my life. But I have to hand it to Derting. This book was FREAKING AWESOME!!!! The first page got you going and you had to read on!!!! Read this book!!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I enjoyed this book, but found it lacking in the ending, I felt it ended pretty quickly and left you with a... " ok now what? feeling"
iheartyabooks More than 1 year ago
The Pledge is an intensely fantastic suspense ride. Kimberly Derting gave these characters so many intriguing secrets I couldn't turn the pages fast enough to find them all out. I also love the ending in The Pledge. Just when I thought, okay, this is good; everything works out everybody¿s happy . . . BAM! Derting throws an evil twist, and there¿s one more secret, no happily ever after. Yet. I also like that this was Queendom. Yeah, that was a differences I really enjoyed after reading about kingdoms. The other thing I enjoyed about The Pledge was the characters and there are a lot of them and everyone had their secrets. I love it and them. Charlie (Charlaina) is seventeen, and lives in a prejudiced world and freedom is something she longs for. Charlie is also a Vendor and her language is Englaise. A Vendor does not look into the eyes of a Counsel who speaks Termani. If you do it, will be your last mistake. Charlie and her younger sister, Angelina, has a secret they have to keep, but the secret she¿s been keeping leads her to a bigger secret she didn't even know, and when she meets Max and his secret that leads to Xander . . . and his, and on and on its goes. I loved it. Like I said, intriguing finding out what everyone is hiding Max is a solder of the queen¿s army in Ludania, and when he meets Charlie, he's intrigued with her and can't stay away. Max knew he was in trouble when he met Charlie, and one problem was him falling in love with her. A love that he would pledge his life for to keep Charlie's secret and to protect and save her. The Pledge is an awesome read. It¿s a world of today mixed with historical and plenty of suspense and terrific characters who all have their little secrets to be found out. The Pledge is one secret I'm not keeping to myself. I highly recommend it as a must read :)
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I absolutely loved this book. It had everything you could possibly need action, suspense, mystery, and romance. I would love to see a series come out of this just to see more Charlie and Max!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Wow. This book was thought provoking, interesting and a simply fantastic read all in one. Do not miss out on this great book which rivals The Hunger Games, without merely shadowing the book. This book is most definantly worthwhile!
chapterxchapter More than 1 year ago
I have no words! Ok, I have words but for dramatic effect, I have no words¿ I absolutely loved this book. First of all, (yay!) dystopian novel, and second of all, going to be a trilogy. Music to my ears! The Pledge was just ¿ wow! I was totally and completely swept up in the storyline. I could not put it down. At first I thought that this was going to be a predictable storyline, but nope! I was thwarted time and time again. I found myself segregating myself from everyone in my house (sorry¿) so that I could fully immerse myself into this book. I seriously could not stop reading. I was at a family function, and all I could think about was getting home to continue reading this book. I did a lot of nodding and smiling, let me tell you. I would lie awake thinking of everything that I read, and then stay up thinking of what could happen next. What I loved¿well, first the Prologue. It was beautifully written and left just enough in the end to leave the reader¿s hungry for what¿s to come. Derting is so imaginative in how she came up with the system of how people in this world got their names, and how class is determined by the language you speak. Derting weaves a believable description of what this world is like to live in. The fears that go through people¿s minds, the reality of consequences, how deceit and deception are second nature to most, even to their own children, just to gain the Queen¿s favor. I also loved Max. Ahhhh Max. I admit that I was very much crushing on him. Something about his attitude, his mysterious ways and actions reminded me a little of Patch from ¿Hush, Hush¿. I found myself smirking at things he would say, and pausing to imagine the little movements he would do, even the subtle ones, like whispering behind Charlie¿s back (sigh¿). And those six little words he left on a note for Charlie! Awwwwww¿ Just six words, but the meaning in those words were just so romantic. Sweeter than a lot of the poems out there. Derting did a fantastic job encorporating the background and history of Ludania (Charlie¿s world), whether it be by school textbooks, or thoughts. And her description of the invasion was perfectly written. It had so much detail that I could picture everything, see the events unfolding before my eyes. All I could think while this was happening was who would make it? What was going to happen? Where will they go? Who is going to help them? I felt like every page had a twist, or had a new secret to reveal. It was just so good! I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good dystopian novel. This one has action, romance, deception, and the element of surprise. Pick this up and come meet Max, and see why you¿ll be crushing on him too.
JBronder More than 1 year ago
Charlie is a Vendor, a class designed strictly to serving people. She is only supposed to know her language. If she hears someone speaking in another language, she is supposed to avert her eyes and be passive. Unfortunately, Charlie has the ability to understand all languages spoken and written. She has hidden this from people, with the help of her parents, for several years. But when she is at a club with her friend Brooklyn, she hears a language never spoken before and almost gets caught. Then we learn that the Queen of Ludania is dieing. But she has magical powers that let her transfer here Essence from her body to a female heir. The problem is she has no female heirs and is on the look out for the last surviving family from the time when all royalty was killed. She has sent her grandson Max out to look for the girl. Max stumbles upon Charlie at a club and has the feeling that there is something special about her and vows to protect her. All this happens as Ludania is about to erupt into war. Rival monarchies and rebels are tired of the Queens rule. Xander is the leader of the rebels. After a chance meeting with Charlie, he has thinks that he has found the key to getting the Queen off the throne. I really liked this book. I hate to say it, but I liked Charlie¿s friend Aron better than Max or Xander. I will admit that I might have been a little slow in the beginning but the ending came with a bang. After reading this, I¿m really excited to read The Body Finder series.
My_Eclectic_Bookshelf More than 1 year ago
The premise for this story definitely had a unique twist. Caste distinction and social oppression defined through language. That said I found it to be a bit unbelievable.I think that had the same world building been done, the same class lines drawn but without the whole language barrier.and had Charlie carried a different manifestation of her power it would have made a lot more sense. I also tend to have some trouble with the whole "love at first sight" premise. Rarely is it done well enough that compulsion is visceral enough for me to believe it. This time it was a bit of a stretch. That said I did easily fall in love with her character and most of the secondary characters. There backstories and inter personal relationships were rich and warm and I quickly came to care for all of them. Sadly, Max felt a bit hollow.I never really "got" him. Although it was entertaining enough to keep me reading and not feel as if I'd wasted my time, I don't know that I'd recommend this book. Though I suspect that it will probably go over better with a younger audience .ie. the YA audience for which it is targeted.
theborneanbookworm More than 1 year ago
The Pledge had failed to impress me with the language division concept that becomes the groundwork of this series, although she did manage to captivate me with the story alone and also the paranormal element involved in the monarchy. In the end, the sinister, haunting add kept me curious and glued to the book until the last page. I don't necessarily anticipate the sequels; then again I'll give them a chance.