Never Dream Of Dying

Never Dream Of Dying

by Raymond Benson

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Never Dream of Dying 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Bond is back in action, the Car Martin Anston is back as well. A great entry to the old 007 stories. Gadgets are here and so are the Bond Girls as well. A great beginning, a nifty middle and the climax will keep you reading to the end.
Guest More than 1 year ago
From my point of view, I like the story, it fits well. When I read the book, I can only imagine the Pierce Brosnan-type James Bond, but it's really good. The plot fits well with High Time to Kill and Doubleshot. The story Raymond Benson made was well done.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is the best bond book I have ever seen. When I saw that there was a new bond book I got it immediatly. The character Le Gerant who is in this one is also in other books like high time to kill. Hes the Union's mysterious leader and bond going to find him. This book is way better than ANY bond book I read. This is Benson's best novel yet. I hope it will come out as a movie and if it does i will see it. This book is recommended to all the James Bond fans. READ the book please and you'll se why i wrote a good review of this book.
Guest More than 1 year ago
After experimenting in his last two books, High Time to Kill (with plot) and Doubleshot (with character), Benson returns to the basics and writes what may be his best Bond novel to date. This novel is CLASSIC Bond, right down to the return of the DB5, a glamorous heroine, Mediterranean locals, and a sadistic mega-villain. It's certainly the most cinematic of all his novels. Benson's writing is straightforward and strong, his locations are EXPERTLY researched and presented, and his characterization of Bond is spot on. Some fans balk at Benson's books (as they did John Gardner's), but for me Benson is getting better each time out. Now if only the Bond producers at EON would catch on a start using these books as the basis for their films. Oh¿ I also like how Benson sprinkles hints of what's to come in the next book (Japan?). Can't wait!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Raymond Benson keeps true to Ian Fleming while fashioning his own style. NEVER DREAM OF DYING is an excellent Bond adventure in real Ian Fleming form. Some of the main elements are the return of Bond friends, French agent Rene Mathis and father-in-law Marc-Ange Draco, along with an underlying story which keeps with the world Fleming created for James Bond. Common Bondian themes of friendship, revenge, torture, and how Bond's job interferes with his personal life are all fully explored. Followers of the original Bond books will find similarities to LIVE AND LET DIE and ON HER MAJESTY'S SECRET SERVICE. However, as Benson recognizes than many potential readers are more familiar with the cinematic James Bond than the literary, he seamlessly combines the two making for a novel that will appeal to many types of readers. Careful reading of Bond's interaction with Major Boothroyd and some of the humor definitely displays its inspiration in the Eon series. Apart from the Fleming material, Benson has crafted an excellent story which completes the 'Union Trilogy' and leaves a potential mess for Bond to clean-up in his next outing (i.e., follow the Japan subplot). It is also interesting to finally learn the background on Bond's nemesis Le Gerant, who has dogged him in the two previous novels. An excellent addition to the Bond saga!!!! Definitely plenty of 'Sex, Sadism, and Snobbery.'
harstan More than 1 year ago
In Nice, James Bond and his friend Rene Mathis fail to persuade Commandant Malherbe to call off the police raid. James and Rene feel the movie studio has too many civilians in the area while Malherbe feels they might not have a better opportunity to stop the Union from peddling their terrorist activities to the highest bidder. Nothing goes right as the raid turns into a trap leaving many dead, including several civilians. Movie producer/director Les Essinger uses the media to extract an apology from the French government.

Over the next few weeks, Bond fails to find any clues on the Union. Meanwhile Mathis vanishes, but is actually in Corsica tracking a blind man who he believes is Le Gerant, the head of the Union. Finally, Bond obtains a lead from a murdered prisoner known as a Union man. The deceased has a tattoo on his eye. That takes Bond to Paris where he meets Essinger¿s estranged wife actress Tylyn Mignonne. 007 expects that when he meets up with Mathis all hell will break loose, but he is unaware that his trysts with Tylyn spells dangerous from the Union because that is personal.

The latest Fleming-lite is an enjoyable James Bond tale that fans of the super spy will find entertaining. The story line is fast-paced although the Mathis sub-plot has almost as much ink as the 007 trail. Le Gerant is the usual Bond foe and Tylyn provides the typical female distraction. M, Moneypenny, and Boothroy add the SIS feel that accompanies Bond. All in all, Raymond Benson¿s latest 007 thriller provides the works, as Bond remains Bond.

Harriet Klausner