I Flipping Love You

I Flipping Love You

by Helena Hunting

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I Flipping Love You 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 90 reviews.
MaimeosAngelsEL More than 1 year ago
A stand alone novel from the very talented Helena Hunting. I Flipping Love You had me laughing so much it hurt. I loved the premise of this book and could not wait to dive in. When lawyer Pierce decides to take some time off and help his brother out by flipping houses, he has no idea that his life is about to change in ways he never imagined. Firstly he mistakenly meets Rian and believes that she is the woman who caused damage to his car. Once Rian sorts out the mess and realises that it was in fact her twin who was the one involved, she has to negotiate a settlement with Pierce and this is where the fun begins. Romantic comedy is fast becoming one of my go to genres to read. I Flipping Love you was one of those books that had me laughing, smiling and generally feeling great. Pierce and Rian connected and the attraction and their chemistry together is smoking hot and almost electrifying. I love Ms. Hunting's style of writing, she ensures that her characters are not “perfect”. I was entertained and captivated from the start. If you want a fun, not too long romantic comedy to read, then I highly recommend this book, you won't be disappointed.
gaele More than 1 year ago
Rian (think Ryan with an I) and her sister Marley Sutton are twins, making a go in the real estate market on the Hamptons whle working toward a dream of rehabbing their old family home, the decades-abandoned mansion that was sold off before their parents absconded them to penury. Using Rian’s maths skills and Marley’s ‘people skills, they have managed to save nearly enough to buy their first flip-project. Well, if Marley didn’t leave a large scratch in the side of a Tessla and take off, never to be seen again, until today. Because today, Pierce Whitfield spies Rian in the aisle of the grocery store and confronts her: mistaking her for Marley. That confrontation, with the super-hot, obviously rich and handsome man was just the first in a series of chemistry-infused, snarky encounters that leave both Rian and Pierce off-balance and wanting more. Pierce Whitfield is a patent lawyer for the family firm, Amalie Dolls, the eldest of three children and one with a huge secret. He doesn’t want to be a lawyer, and his inability to have his father “hear” his concerns, combined with a sleepless-hangover induced mistake have led to a huge issue for the company, and his taking the summer off to work with his younger brother, Lawson: purchasing beach front properties to flip. Pierce is detail-oriented, handy and desperate to find something he wants to do that wll pay the bills: not just take a job in the family firm. His encounter with Rian is about to heat up significantly, however, as their purposes and plans will intersect, collide and perhaps even overlap. Like many of Hunting’s stories, these two arrive on the scene with more issues than days in the calendar. Pierce’s ex-fiancé was a social-climbing, unfaithful, not really loving woman: and he’s convinced no one will be able to know he’s got money (or family connections) and truly love him. Rian’s father used her incredible maths skills to bilk money from rich and poor alike, before gathering all the cash he could to escape punishment with their mother: leaving the girls to face the stigma of the family name and their guilt. Rian and Marley have reverted to their mother’s maiden names, buried the past behind them, if it wasn’t for their family home, their summer with Grandmother residence where everything was ‘normal’ and loving. Convinced that because of her connection to her father, and a touch guilty for the role she, as a child, played in the scams, after her only long-term boyfriend dumped her with an apple-tree reference, she’s not going to get close to anyone, or let a relationship develop that will lead to her having to explain her family. Together, these two hit the mark everywhere – from issue and insecurity driven mistaken conclusions, failing attempts to remain prickly and aloof in the face of a major sweetness onslaught, enough steam rising from the two to power an engine, and some truly panty-melting dirty talk from Pierce when it most matters, they are made for each other, as everyone around them can see. A lovely, fun, funny and hot story where expectations are flipped on their heads and the true work to renovate and rebuild hope and trust are at the forefront. I received an eArc copy of the title from the publisher via NetGalley for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.
ChillingTaz 4 months ago
Love this standalone by Helena Hunting. Plus if you read her Mills brother series we get to see a peak at past couples. Rian and Pierce were the perfect couple in the essence they matched as a 2/10 on a dating site. Yet, Pierce will not stop chasing after her after several chance encounters. Her nickname for him was an profanity. Eventually he wears her down and breaks her walls she has built to the point she finds love with him. Tons of great pop cultural references that make life great.
iam_caryn 4 months ago
This was so cute! I have a mighty need for this to become a movie. And yet I also don’t need it to be a movie because I’ve already seen it in my head thanks to Helena Hunting’s wonderful story telling skills. It’s so hard to say this because I loved the other Shacking Up series books so much, but I’m going to say it anyway. This is my favourite book in the series so far. Pierce and Rian have such amazing chemistry.
Kristina Haasakker 6 months ago
I flipping loved this book. Pierce and Rian are so much fun. Now I’m wondering if we will ever get Lawson’s story or Marley’s! Helena Hunting is my new favorite author, and I’m off now to go buy all her other books. :)
Katiekoz 6 months ago
4.5☆ I Flipping Love You was a hoot!! I loved the concept of the book, I found it really interesting. Pierce and Rian are great! I loved them both and found them both hilarious! How they met was definitely unique and so funny! Their whole relationship was fun to read about and kept me hooked. There was more than just humor though, there was still the usual steam and sweetness that can be expected from Helena. The epilogue was adorable and a very fitting end for Pierce and Rian.
NovelKnight 11 months ago
I'm not usually one for contemporary romances outside the small-town niche, but I decided to take a chance on I Flipping Love You and ended up really enjoying it. What sold me on the book was the humor. The whole premise of a romance amid flipping houses over the summer was certainly not what I was expecting. Throw in one hilarious scene after another and plenty of fun banter between protagonists Rian and Pierce, and you have the perfect summer read. Rian was so much fun. She and her sister are making a go as realtors and getting their life on track. Their love for each other is clear from the very start and I loved that the theme of sisterhood prevailed throughout the book. And Rian was relatable on her own as she tries to make the best of her life and what she's been able to build up for herself over the years. I honestly didn't care about Pierce as much. The lawyer who needs a break so he plays fixer-upper with a few houses. But I didn't dislike him by any means and the chemistry between him and Rian was on point. But seriously, I Flipping Love You had HEAT. But for all the hot and heavy moments, there were just as many down-to-earth interactions, comedic relief scenes to break things up and move the story along. It was a good balance. I can't say I Flipping Love You was SUPER memorable other than dealing with realtors and fixing up houses (that's about all that really stuck out) but it was a highly entertaining read and I'd definitely recommend it if you're in search of a quick, fast-paced contemporary romance.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
13835877 More than 1 year ago
I Flipping Love You is the perfect summer read! It takes place in the Hamptons and is filled with flirting, teasing, laughing, and lots of flipping. I'm talking counter flipping, dryer flipping, and even some beach flipping. These characters were so fun to get to know, especially Pierce's cocky teasing and Rian's fierce sarcasm. Even the supporting characters in I Flipping Love You are strong characters with well developed personalities that add to the story. I can't believe I waited so long to finally pick up a Helena Hunting book. I've seen her books EVERYWHERE and they are always showing up in my "Recommended" reads on Goodreads and Amazon, but I haven't picked one up until now and I realize I have really been missing out. There was nothing about Pierce and Rian's story that I would change. It's fun and adorable and just flipping wonderful. I voluntarily received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.
LynnB888 More than 1 year ago
Deep, sexy and just plain fun! Laugh out loud moments caught my attention, and extreme sexual chemistry between Rian and Pierce kept it! The story line is fairly fast paced as we're drawn into the story of Rian's past and our attention is held trying to figure out what's going to come of the two of them and the properties their siblings are fighting over! She hasn't summered in the Hamptons since her family lost their fortune years ago, but Rian Sutter is enjoying being back in her old stomping ground! She and her sister have finally done well enough in their real estate business to afford to buy a fixer upper to flip, and they're not going to stop there! Lawyer Pierce Whitfield doesn't usually spend his summers doing construction, but he's a bit down and out with his career at the moment and using some downtime to help his brother out with some renovation properties. When he meets Rian and sparks fly, he figures he just might be in for a summer fling ... but when they start competing for the same properties on the beach, sparks of a different type start flying!
FS_Meurinne More than 1 year ago
If you are fan of Rom-Com Helena Hunting is the master, this contemporary romance has all the fun, quirky and steamy moments you love t oread. Pierce is looking for what he really wants to do in life, the family business just doesn’t do it, then comes Rian and everything is turned. This couple where so fun to read, the storyline got me reading all night long. I laugh and found myself wanting to read that one more chapter until I had to finish it.
Esss More than 1 year ago
I Flipping Love You is the third installment in Helena Hunting’s Shacking Up trilogy. This addition to the series was so buffed out it became lackluster. The main characters’ development was rudimentary; recreational banging and incessant bickering leads to more banging does not a solid relationship make. Rian, the female protagonist’s maturity was not only stunted but led to offensive inner monologue’s about several minor and main characters. Hunting used the cliché writing device of ‘let’s hold all of our secrets to the very end of the story and draw out conflict for tired reasoning. The lack of communication between Rian and Pierce was stultifying, and bred more bickering dialogue that held no pertinence to a mature relationship, which they definitely did not own. The stories premise was an original concept that did not meet any expectations set from it’s synopsis. The book’s opening held promise with it’s wit, humor and dialogue. Unfortunately, the character’s became linear and boring. As a Helena Hunting fan I was disappointed, especially because Shacking Up (the first installment of this series) was such a delightful, light comedy. I received an ARC from NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Funny and sweet
charlligirl More than 1 year ago
I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I laughed so often at one point I thought they were going to ask me to leave the public location I was at while reading. I love the characters of Rian and Pierce. I could relate to Rian in so many ways and yet others just blew my mind. Trust is very hard for Rian given her family history and previous experiences. Pierce is the exception to the rule and he does everything to earn her trust. Their interactions were classic and hilarious. This is a definite must read. I foresee many re-reads in my future.
Jennann3 More than 1 year ago
Rian and Marley Sutter are fraternal twins, but look almost identical. So it's not surprising that they often get mistaken for each other. While in the grocery store, Rian notices a handsome man following her around. She doesn't know if she's being stalked or if he's possibly flirting, until he confronts her with accusations of a hit and run. Rian has no idea what he's talking about, but knows Marley must be behind this. When Marley accosts Pierce with the grocery cart, grabs her sister's hand, and drags her out the store her suspicions are confirmed. Pierce catches up with them and lets Rian know Marley has cost them $2500 in repairs, that they don't have to spend. In order to keep Pierce from calling the police and putting it in through insurance, Rian agrees to pay Pierce and go on a "date" with him. Pierce Whitfield has never wanted for anything, except his father's approval. He became a patent attorney as that is what his father wanted. When he makes a costly mistake, he steps away to take a break until everything is settled. He joins his brother in flipping houses in the Hamptons. Neither wants to work for their father forever. While being a patent attorney affords him a life of luxury, it doesn't make him happy. Working with his hands, does. When he meets Rian, his curiosity is peaked. He's never met anyone like her. She's a hard worker, doesn't have a lot, but is proud. He also knows she's keeping secrets... I have to say this is my first Helena Hunting novel. I LOVED it!!! Two thumbs up! I loved the creepy dolls, the gnomes, Tripod. I loved how Rian and Marley were able to make something out of nothing. Having been abandoned by the people who are supposed to love and care for you, only to leave you with a mountain of their debt, and deceit. It's amazing how well adjusted they were. I loved how protective they are of each other and their dreams. I enjoyed the neon green speedo and cookie baking schemes to gain listings. Most of all, I loved who Pierce became with Rian. I read a gifted copy of this novel and all opinions stated are my own.
AboutThatStory More than 1 year ago
Talk about the perfect beach read! I adored this. It had everything I love in a story. Rian and Pierce had such a fantastic relationship. I loved their verbal sparring, the building sexual tension, and the animosity between the two. It was just so freaking entertaining, I couldn't get enough! I loved that this story is told from dual POVs, I really enjoyed getting to know Rian and Pierce, they had such great voices and internal dialogue. From their very first meeting I was all in. There were so many great things happening that had me laughing out loud and smiling. Pierce's relentless pursuit of Rian was so fun and I loved Rian's internal battle as everything unfolded. I love her opening up and when all the emotion comes into play. I really liked the push and pull to their relationship, it made it fun yet slightly complicated and just entertaining to watch unfold. There was a great cast of characters involved. I love the relationship that Rian had with her sister. How they’ve always been there for each other. The girls were just so strong and really persevered and overcame obstacles in their lives. Pierce's brother was pretty crazy but I liked what he added to the story. I also loved seeing Amalie and Lex from Hooking Up, that was a great addition. I thought this was a really well developed story and had an excellent build. I was excited while reading and couldn't wait for Rian to spill her secrets and for everything to come out. I Flipping Love You was one of those stories that was exactly what I needed. Light and fun with great characters that had me laughing out loud and cheering for an awesome HEA. I loved that simmering sexual tension and that entertaining verbal sparring as Pierce and Rian coming together. This was an absolute joy to read! Complimentary copy received for honest review.
Books6565 More than 1 year ago
This was a cute/hot light read. I have always enjoyed Ms. Hunting's books...esp the Pucked series. This book does not come close to those Pucked books. Nevertheless, the main characters do have good chemistry and there were moments I had a smile on my face from their back and forth quips. I loved that Pierce is Amalie's brother and we got to see a little peek with Amalie and Lex. Pierce is definitely a good guy....and throughout the book was always steadfast in his interest of Rian. In fact without Rian's paranoid mistrust of Pierce, there really would have been no story. Spunky heroines are so hard to write.....because a lot of times they end up being depicted as spoiled abd self-centered. And there were definitely times that Rian was annoying.....esp when she ran because she worked herself into a frenzy. Although i lost interest at the 30% mark......in the end, I would recommend this book as a fun, light summer read.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I Flipping Love You was a great book. I thoroughly enjoyed it. The story of Rian and Pierce was a great love story. For Rian it was from riches to rags and Pierce the opposite. Opposites attract but not necessarily easy or without some drama and issues. This book is funny but will tug at the heart strings and has some light drama. This is another great book from Helena Hunting.
TheGrumpyBookReviewer More than 1 year ago
This newly published book, I Flipping Love You, by Helena Hunting, was a complete and pleasant surprise. It is a smart and sexy romantic comedy about twin sisters who grew up spending summers on the beach in the Hamptons; and a lawyer whose career has hit an embarrassingly rough spot.   I Flipping Love You is a funny and wonderfully romantic look at how relationships that get off to a very rocky start can develop passionately and beautifully.   Rian and her sister, Marley, whose wealthy but dishonest parents abandoned them at the age of 18, worked odd jobs until old enough to take real estate courses. Then, starting from nothing, they built a profitable real estate business selling high-end homes. Now they are ready to transition into flipping houses.   Pierce Whitfield is a patent attorney whose attorney father coerced him into a career practicing law. Pierce would prefer to be flipping houses, and does beautiful work.   They meet in a grocery store in a not-so-pleasant situation, and the fireworks start there. Angry, but unable to resist the attraction, Rian and Pierce cannot stay away from each other.   While I enjoyed the book, one thing that disappointed me is a character who was described in such a way that leads the reader to picture a woman in her 80s or older. She was later said to be 65. Almost immediately it was said that, with the elderly, bran muffins are always a win. Only a very young person would picture someone in her sixties as “elderly”.   I admit that, due to the cheesy artwork on the book jacket, I expected another less-than-stellar romance novel. It was anything but. I thoroughly enjoyed I Flipping Love You, and hope there will be a sequel.   What Makes This Book Reviewer Grumpy? - The author confusing the verb “bringing” and “taking”; “come” and “go”; - confusing “begs the question” with “raises the question” – they aren’t even close to having the same meaning; - combining two words into one word such as “superready” and “superfun”; - split infinitives; - misplacing the word “only” within sentences;  - incomplete sentences; - ending a sentence with “at”; - single-sentence paragraphs.
Naughty_Book_Blog More than 1 year ago
At the start of this book, I was immediately drawn in by the witty humour. Pierce and Rian were wildly entertaining with their situational comedy and witty banter. However, I was completely unaware and unsuspecting of the deep emotional bond I was going to have with these characters. It should have been obvious to me much earlier in the story, but when I finally recognized the feelings, they hit me like a freight train. This a funny, sexy and heartwarming book with the ugly cry that I never saw coming. There wasn't anything particularly devastating that happened, so if that's your fear you can let that go. Sometimes you just have so much empathy for a fictional character because you can relate to their situation with heartbreaking accuracy. Sometimes a house is more than a home. It's a shrine of cherished memories, the place where a piece of your heart will forever live. This story was everything I didn't know I needed!
Livlovesbooks More than 1 year ago
My Review Title: I loved living in the heads of Rian and Pierce! •*¨*• “I think you’re my new favorite person.” ~Pierce, Ch.10 •*¨*• What I loved about this book: Real estate heroine / Lawyer/House flipping hero / Easy-to-read / Entertaining / Wonderful characters / Witty / Original / Unpredictable / Page-turner (orally) / Romantic / Realistic / Steamy / HEA ★¸¸.•*¨*•★Minor Spoilers Alert★•*¨*•.¸¸★ Writing style: Dual POVs •*¨*• Lead Characters: Rian and Pierce •*¨*• Supporting characters: their siblings, Marley (Rian’s twin sister); Amalie and Lawson (Pierce’s sister and brother) •*¨*• One of my favorite internal observations was Pierce’s thoughts as this love story came to its HEA conclusion. She tastes like love. She feels like my future. Rian is the beginning and the end. She’s the fight I won’t give up. She’s the forever I won’t go. •*¨*• Story rating: ★★★★★ Would I recommend this book? Yes, absolutely! I’m a huge HGTV house hunting / selling/ renovating television show junkie, so their career in this industry excited and fascinated me. It was truly the perfect contemporary romance for me. I loved being inside the minds of both Rian and Pierce. I felt like I was living their story instead of just being a third-party observer like I normally do more often than not while reading a novel. I always love when that happens since it’s not as common as it used to be for me. Their love story is definitely one of my favorites so far in 2018, and I have no doubt that I will re-read it along with the two previous novels, Shacking Up and Hooking Up in this standalone series. Author Helena Hunting has never let me down, proving yet again why she is one of my top favorite auto-buy authors. ❤
FromTheSouth More than 1 year ago
This review will be brief and straight to the point. Rian and Pierce, the main couple, were great together. I especially loved Rian’s humorous inner monologues, feistiness, and her witty back and forth banter with Pierce. Since both of them preferred relationship type intimacy, I was pleased as punch they weren’t stereotypical looking for love in all the wrong kinds of places type characters. No, both had been celibate awhile but had some baggage they had to deal with before they could completely move on with their future. It was especially sweet how hard and fast Pierce fell for Rian. Make no mistake though, their spontaneous, can’t keep their hands to themselves smexy scenes were off the charts graphically steamy with lusty language to boot. There is a brief OW cameo/reference, but nothing to worry about, folks. Pierce is not pining over that failed long term relationship. No, he’s got a perfectly clear conscious and realizes he dodged a bullet by not marrying that woman. There is a knucklehead moment near the end that pops up, which causes some brief relationship angst. Of course, these two meant to be together lovebirds work it all out and get their romantic HEA. Title: I Flipping Love You, Series: Shacking Up (Book 3), Author: Helena Hunting: Pages: 320, stand-alone but part of a series, good guy hero, a knucklehead moment, HEA, both betrayed in the past, very steamy scenes with lusty language, loved how he fell for her and wouldn’t give up. Book 1 - Shacking Up Book 2 - Getting Down Book 3 - Hooking Up Book 4 - I Flipping Love You (I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book via NetGalley. All thoughts and opinions are my own. I was not given any payment or compensation for this review, nor is there any affiliation or relationship between this reviewer and the author/publisher/NetGalley.)
nelriv More than 1 year ago
So I love Helena Hunting and love most of her books and even though I was excited that we were getting a book on Pierce, Amalie's brother I wasn't crazy about this one. I loved loved Pierce, but I wasn't crazy about Rian I liked Marley better. i understand that she couldn't trust anybody due to her tragic background, but I felt that she was overly bitchy to Pierce and I couldn't understand why he chased her, but atlast we he did and there were parts of the story that were funny but not like I am used to with this author so I was bummed. And, we did get a peek at Amalie and Lex but I wanted more!!! And I was dying to hear about Ruby but we didn't get that and I was sad..Anyhoo, not bad but not what I was expecting.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Funny and heart warming
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
What a fun and sexy read. H.H. is one of my favorite authors.