Intelligence - Season 2

Intelligence - Season 2

Director: David Frazee, Nick Campbell Cast: Ian Tracey, Klea Scott

DVD (Wide Screen)

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Intelligence - Season 2 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Brit_Drama_Fan More than 1 year ago
Intelligence was one of those shows I was delighted to discover when it was released in the US on DVD. From the same creative team that produced DaVinci's Inquest, it presented an interesting collision of two worlds, that of a major marijuana distributor and the paranoid dealings of a government intelligence-gathering agency. Season one was stylish, tight, and frequently thrilling. Season two picks up from the season one cliff-hanger, but doesn't seem to know where to go from there. The plots meander, looming dangers either don't materialize or peter out, characters drop in and out of the story (what happened to Michael?). Worst of all, the show plunges into sheer implausibility on several key points. Much is made of a serious threat against the life of the drug dealer, and yet he continues to go off without bodyguards and to hang out on the sidewalk in front of his strip club with no protection. It just doesn't seem credible. The result, in the season's final episode, is no surprise at all. A new story line involves some massive conspiracy to basically hijack an important Canadian resource, but, again, the story doesn't really go anywhere. The show is well shot and edited, with moments of real excitement. I just wish they could figure out how to better present the long story-lines. The show has been cancelled, so I guess we won't get the chance to see that happen. Bottom line: Season one is better than season two. If you just want something entertaining and don't care about story lines coming to logical conclusions, give this a try. (If you want something that does this kind of story-telling really well, start watching The Wire from the very first episode and don't stop.)
Peacefulnan More than 1 year ago
This is the second year of a Canadian television series revolving around that nation's intelligence service and its drug trafficers. The writing and acting were exceptional. I'm really sorry that the series was cancelled after two years. American citizens like me will find a very different slant on USA/Canada relations, different at least from what is seen in homegrown US productions. [If this is a duplicate -- or close to duplicate -- I apologize. My initial review seems to have disappeared.]