Death Run

Death Run

by Jim Murphy



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Death Run 3.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
A previous review is inaccurate. William Janowski (not Billy) has been found dead at Van Bradford Park. He is an epileptic, which means he has a history of seizures, Detective Wheeler was there the day the body was found, and he is positive there was someone that caused his death, not his epilepsy, because of the longing look on his face, his fingers clenched, as if they were reaching out for help just before he died, and a mysterious pattern on the side of his face. This detective, feeling too close to the case goes above and beyond, searching for what really happened to William. Brian, Al, Sticks and Rodger murdered William that night. They tossed his basketball back and forth above his head, until Sticks slammed the ball into Janowski's cheek. Janowski fell to the ground trembling and reaching for help, begging the boys to save him, but the boys run away. The next day when all the media can talk about is this death, the boys realize their prank killed William. Wheeler, going to extreme lengths to find the murderer has been avoiding his family, having no time for them. The murder is the most interesting thing that has happened in their small town ever, it's a big deal. The detective's daughter Susan (Not Sarah), only a freshman in high school has been eavesdropping on her father, getting juicy information on the case; can't help but asking around at school for anyone that has had anything to do with William Janowski. Rodger and Al, getting back at her for almost revealing them, rape her anonymously. They knife her stomach and cut her bra, revealing her breast. But they blab Stick's name saying "Come on, let's go Sticks," giving him all the blame, though he didn't rape her. Then, Wheeler gets booted from the case because his daughter is involved. He refuses to give this case up now, because he's made it too far! He continues to shutout his family until Susan's friend reveals information that solves the whole mystery, though Sticks has already run off to New York City, Al and Rodger aren't good under pressure and spill the beans on the murder. Brian then goes to the detective and lets Wheeler know his side of the story. I felt the plot went by too fast, and then Jim Murph dragged out too many unimportant details in the end, I felt the middle parts were unnecessary and there wasn't enough drama, there was too much boring information on Brian's girlfriend and family, and too much info on Wheeler's wife and it was very redundant. son=me parts were very interesting, but others were unnecessary and boring. 2/5 stars
Guest More than 1 year ago
An inseparable group of four boys played a harmless joke on one of their schoolmates in a park one evening. This little joke led to the boys murder. The four went on for a while hiding the information about the boy. The cops knew the boy had a disorder where he had seizures so they thought that is what it was related to, until the end.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Brian, Roger, Al, and Sticks were hanging out and drinking beer in Van Bedford Park when Billy Janowski was walking home from playing basketball. The four boys stole his ball and started playing keep away from Billy who was epileptic. Roger hit Billy in the face and caused him to have a seizure and brain aneurysm. The boys got scared and ran away. Later they found out that Billy had died. The boys got even more scared and started to fight with each other. Roger and Al excluded Sticks, and Brian was caught in the middle. Robert Wheeler was the detective on the case and even though everybody thought Billy died just because of his epilepsy, Wheeler worked further into the case. While Wheeler worked on the case at home his daughter, Sarah, got interested and started doing things at school with the case. Wheeler's boss wanted him to turn in the report, so he did, and the case was closed. Roger and Al got scared that Sarah would figure them out, but didn't know the case was closed so they jumped her and threatened her. The boys disguised their voice and mentioned Sticks' name to set him up. After that incident the case was reopened, but Wheeler wasn't allowed to work on it. Sarah's friend, R.R. figured out enought to know who was in the park. They told the detectives and they brought in Roger and Al. The two boys confessed everything. While Roger and Al were talking to the cops, Brian was helping STicks excape town because this would be his second felony. When Brian got back he found out that Roger and Al had confessed and the cops knew everything. Brian and Sticks were both charged with withholding information about a felony. Roger was charged with two counts of aggravated assault and maybe even a third-degree manslaughter charge. Al was charged with one count of aggravated assault. Roger and Al were charged with more because of the incident with Sarah.