Cry Baby

Cry Baby

by Ginger Scott


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Cry Baby 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Michele-G More than 1 year ago
4 1/2 gritty stars! I literally felt like my heart was breaking for Tristan throughout this book. Life made a lot of his decisions for him...or at least he felt like it did. Living in a gang neighborhood and being the son of the man who helped to start the gang...he seemed predestined for the "life." It was a raw and intense storyline. Riley has just moved to the area. She has baggage of her own. Her mother left them and her father is trying to raise her on his own. She wants to get out of there and go to college. She thinks basketball may be her ticket to do so. “Riley has opened this window to what could be. She’s built a bridge between my reality and my fantasyland, and I can’t stop crossing it.” She is a complication Tristan can't afford but yet he also can't seem to resist her. She's also inexplicably drawn to him. In the midst of their budding relationship, all hell breaks loose in the neighborhood. I thought this was an absolutely brilliant story. It really sucked me in. I wanted the best for these young people. The only thing that kept me from giving this 5 stars was that I would have liked a little more solid ending. I felt like I knew where it was going but it still felt vague to me. “You are my test, Riley. My temptation. My mother says you’re the light, and I want to stand in it with you, but…” “So stand with me," I interrupt.
UpAllNightBB More than 1 year ago
5 Stars Review by Amy Late Night Reviewer Up All Night w/ Books Blog Wow! I think Cry Baby turned me into a great big cry baby! Ginger Scott’s words tore out my heart, ripped it up, and then put me back together just to do it all again. This was one emotional roller coaster of a ride. Tristan has been handed a rough existence. Born into the gang life, he continues to do what he has done since he was a child. He remains loyal to the gang, his adopted family, even if that means lying, committing crimes and putting his life and those he loves on the line on a daily basis. What makes Tristan unique, though, is he has potential for so much more. He attends school on a regular basis and his teachers and counselors see hope for him. Unfortunately, he does not recognize the potential in himself. Riley, oh how I loved her. She is a spunky go getter who is not afraid of anything, including Tristan, who does everything he can to distance himself from her. A lover of basketball and a fighter by nature, she pushes her way into Tristan’s life. She began to steal his heart, just as she will steal yours, and that is when things get complicated. Tristan knows in order to protect Riley, he needs to keep her at arms length, but she does not make that easy. Will Tristan and Riley find a way to overcome their differences and the dangers that stand in their way? This was such an emotionally draining read. I connected deeply with both Riley and Tristan. I wanted so badly for Tristan to find his way and make a happy life with Riley. His gang made sure he knew that wasn’t and option, but Riley refused to stand back and watch him throw his life away. She saw a part of his heart that he had never revealed to anyone before and she was determined to help Tristan find a different lifestyle. What will Tristan do when his gang has made it clear there is no way out. This was not a genre I would normally pick up, but the blurb peaked my interest and I am so glad I read this one. It was a deeply poignant read, and I highly recommend you add this one to your TBR list. You won’t be sorry.
bbarneybooks28 More than 1 year ago
I’m hanging my head in shame right now because Cry Baby is my first Ginger Scott read! BUT, it’s not that I don’t have a plethora of Scott’s books on my Kindle, because I do, it’s just about finding the time to read all of the words of so many amazing authors. I do have to admit, though, that it did take me a bit to get into Tristan and Riley’s story, partly because I needed some time to get used to Scott’s storytelling and the way she sets up the exposition of her text, and partly because I don’t read too many YA, even Mature YA, reads, so putting myself in the right frame of mind took awhile. BUT, I was beyond enthralled by Cry Baby the deeper I got into the plot line and the more Scott developed both Tristan and Riley’s characters, and by the time I read the last page of the story, I knew I had another author whose words and characters appealed to me in a multitude of ways. It’s clear that Tristan needed someone to tell him he had a choice when it came to the path he led, and while he was always adamant that he didn’t have a say…that his life was already dictated for him at the age of 10 and even more so when Dub branded his mark on Tristan’s skin, Tristan, albeit subconsciously, did crave a way out - one that didn’t result in his demise, and what was also clear is that it couldn’t be someone who was already a part of his life because their voices and their thoughts had already been swirling around in Tristan’s conscience, but it never took hold the way it did when Riley entered his life and refused to be quieted. ‘If you don’t want to try to make a change this way, Tristan, then I’m going to find another way. For as long as I have access to you, I’m not going to stop. This road you’re on, it’s got you so twisted, and I…God, Tristan, I see it. I can smell it in the air when we talk, and I can taste it. It’s so sour and bitter, and I know it’s making you sick. It’s making me sick for you, Tristan. And yeah, I know I have no idea how bad it actually is, but I know more than you give me credit for. I see your map, and I’m begging you to just look at this alternate route I’m showing you. You don’t have to go this way, Tristan. You can turn.’ These aren’t Riley’s words, but due to Riley’s presence, this speech and its ideas took hold of Tristan and forced him to ‘make a change,’ not only for himself but for a girl who has come to mean so much to him in a short amount of time, and while the resolution of the albatross he wears when it comes to the Fifty-Seven gang doesn't have an easy fix, he still needs to attempt to carve a new path because it’s the only way he’ll truly be able to be his own man and make his own decisions. Nothing is guaranteed in life and Tristan and Riley learned that lesson at an early age, and while Tristan has never seen a different path as more than a fantasy, the girl who’s heard his hard truths and didn’t run and keeps showing up proves that regardless of how difficult it is to no longer be nicknamed ‘Cry Baby’ and no longer be under the thumb of a deviant and dangerous man, there’s a way out…there’s a different way to go and it’s a way that makes everything he’s ever wanted a reality.
lenorewastaken More than 1 year ago
I received a free copy through the author in exchange for an honest and unbiased review/opinion. 4.5 stars — I’m having a hell of a time writing this review, and it’s not because I didn’t love it…probably the cause is the opposite. I truly LOVED it and yet I’m having a hard time getting my thoughts in order. This book was gritty. Emotional. REAL. I felt all the things for both Tristan and Riley, but mostly Tristan. His childhood and the situation he found himself in as a 17 year old young man as a result of his childhood really made an impact on me. It’s an untenable position to be put in — to grow up knowing that once you’re in a gang, you don’t get out alive. I truly understood how Tristan got into that position…and it made me HATE Dub with a passion. Dub may have been lazy in so many ways, but he was a very smart man knowing how to hook kids early. I appreciated the conflict in Tristan, and the conflict I felt, as a reader, in liking him despite some of his choices. I felt for him, genuinely…but it was hard to watch the way he shut down in order to survive. He really took us on a rollercoaster of emotions. In so many ways I felt like Riley’s character was a representation of all that Tristan was missing in a “normal” life, a reflection for Tristan to look at. And yet, her life wasn’t untouched by the violence either. But she had a completely different perspective, and grew up with different influences. I loved how bold and sassy she was, and how she pushed and pushed at situations where I would have curled into a ball and cried. I totally laughed and wanted to high five Riley over the hair. It was a perfect example of who she was. Which is not to say that she didn’t have her own doubts, but they were in other areas. I loved Riley’s relationship with her Dad, and how it served to showcase the stark difference in Tristan’s odd relationship with his Mom. I understood how Tristan’s relationship with his Mom came to be, but it made me sad and I kind of wanted more there. I appreciated that all of the interactions between Riley and her Dad felt real, and were often flawed as well…but you always felt the love and care. As for the relationship between Riley and Tristan? I loved the way it developed. It could have felt fast, but it really felt like it went through the paces and was realistic for two 17-year-olds in that situation. I felt that initial crush, and how it moved into genuine like and intrigue. And I loved that the move into love was simultaneously fast and slow…because I think there are different ways to love. I didn’t cry as much as I was expecting to, but I think that’s because I was anticipating some of the scenes. They didn’t always happen as I expected, but they didn’t come out of left field either. I especially loved that the ending wasn’t convenient and wrapped up in a bow. There were consequences, and challenges. It wasn’t magically fixed because Tristan finally wanted to take the good path. As always, there were some great secondary characters and relationships. Jaden was sweet and I enjoyed the bits his character added. I loved that Riley made a friend in Lauren and that they connected despite their differences. I wanted a bit more from Paul. Not sure what, but I didn’t feel as connected to him as I think I wanted to. The only other strange note for me was the side plot with the counselor at the school. I ADORED the conversations she had with Tristan about his future, but I don’t t
BookDragonGirl More than 1 year ago
Ginger Scott is one of those authors for me. That when she releases a book, I HAVE to read it! If I’m lucky enough to get an ARC, then I also buy the book. I love her books, they’re written as though she poured every emotion out of her heart and into her words. They touch me so deeply that when I see the cover months & years later, I am moved by the memory of reading that story. Cry Baby was so raw, so honest, so emotional and complicated. Nobody could have written this story better. Gang culture is a common and real problem in society today, and they prey on the very young. Sometimes good people become swept up in terrible things, and sometimes choice doesn’t exist. There aren’t easy answers, but in it all, there is love. Somewhere. Often deep and hidden. And there is good. And that’s what this story is about. Tristan was one of these good people, swept up in gang life and the terrible things that came with it. Then Riley came along, and she showed Tristan what his life could be. But getting out of gang life isn’t that easy. "Riley has opened this window to what I could be. She’s built a bridge between my reality and my fantasyland, and I can’t stop crossing it." This YA Romance is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! I give it 5/5 Stars!!