Confirmed in Christ

Confirmed in Christ

by Roy Gesch


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Confirmed in Christ 3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
rnelson_kcs on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Roxi Nelson 9/1/10 Roy Gesh wrote this book for teenagers and young adults that are or have gone through confirmation. Confirmed in Christ is a book that tells the reader about their new life in Christ. It tells the reader how to avoid unhealthy temptation and live a full and joyful life in Christ.There are many characters in this book from the short stories giving examples of different ideas. I believe Roy illustrated these characters correctly and used them wisely. One character that runs solidly throughout the book is God and his eternal love for his children. The last character that the book tells the reader about is parents and how they love and nurture you.The moral of the book is kind of obvious which is to be a good Christian and to be healthy in faith Roy demonstrates different ways to do this; by avoiding temptation, keeping a continual dialogue with God, and by staying true to God. To not sin is a moral of all Christianity. Roy shares this idea effectively.The book is told in first person voice. This point of view is much more personal. I am glad Roy chose this point of view to tell his story.There are many themes in this story, one of which is Christianity but that one is kind of obvious since it is a Christian book. A second theme is the bible; I say it is a theme because the book quotes the bible all the way through. Another theme is transformation, the book tells the reader about how through conformation (a class usually taken by young christens, comparable to a bar mitzvah) the reader transforms their life in Christ and at the same time transforming from a teenager to an adult. The fourth theme that I found is love, love for God, God's love for us, love for our parents, and love for our neighbors. The last theme I found was confirmation because the book talks about before confirmation, after confirmation, and what happens during confirmation and what it means. Confirmed in Christ can be read either before or after confirmation, if you are having questions or doubts about your faith or confirmation this is the book to read. If this book was chosen to find out what Christianity is all about it could be helpful but I suggest going to your friends¿ pastor or a local pastor to talk to about Christianity.I quite enjoyed reading this book after my confirmation. This book made me think about my future as an adult like what I am going to have my career be and starting a family and finding a way to feel fulfilled in my life, but in a not so intimidating way. I definitely suggest that young adults read this book, it was worth my time and I think it will be worth your time.