Color Your Own Civil War

Color Your Own Civil War

by Steve McNiven (Illustrator)

Coloring Book

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Color Your Own Civil War 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Gfyftg More than 1 year ago
This is actually a really amazing color-your-own graphic novel. I did not buy this specifically at Barnes & Noble, but the product itself is a great one. There are no word bubbles in this book to get in the way of the art, so that can be a good or bad thing depending on who you are. It isn't actually 120 of coloring though, but including the cover and back pages, there are 59 art pages to color, with each page having a perforated line to pull out as well as having the back of said page blank so that you don't have to worry about the markers you use bleeding through. The book contains most of the greatest pages and full panels from the original comics, all in black and white so that you may color it all in yourself. I had a great, fun time working with the comic, and if you like the original Civil War comics, Marvel on a whole, or simply coloring in general, I recommend this heavily. One small thing to note though that irked me slightly though, is that not all of the particularly big scenes are in the comic, though for understandable reasons. It isn't going to have each and every scene from each of the issues of the comic of course, since that would just be too much printing needed for a product like this, and not all of the great story panels from the original are kept because they feel not as meaningful without word bubbles, so they were left out, like when Sue leaves Reed for the other side. Also, though a lot of the violence is kept in, some of the more grisly moments aren't there, like the death of Goliath, Spiderman's near murder from super-villains let loose, Human Torches beating, the reason that Cap beats up the Punisher, and of course the incident with Nitro that began the entire situation. It also does not include any of the X-Men scenes, though my copy was bought at Disney Springs, and the Disney Store shipments may have just not had the X-Men specific pages printed in for licencing reasons. Because many of the big scenes were left out of this book, they seemed to reorder some of the artwork, almost slightly rewriting the events of the original comics to better fit their own narrative. It's a kinda small thing, but it still irked me slightly, but not enough to down-vote this product at all. All in all, I still loved the product, and recommend it heavily with 5/5 stars!