Baby Shark

Baby Shark

by Robert Fate

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Baby Shark 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This debut book, Baby Shark, starts off fast ¿ one night of violence and murder that ultimately leads to the birth - creation is probably a better word - of Baby Shark, a teenage girl who survives the chaos. As a reader, you know what the book will be about. You know that the 17-year old girl who walked into the pool hall with her dad will eventually take not just the name Baby Shark but revenge on the men who left her scarred and fatherless. It¿s not necessarily the destination that keeps you reading, but the road you travel with her to get there. And by the end of the book, you¿re anxious to see where she¿ll go next.
Anonymous 9 months ago
swl on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
What a pleasant surprise! I had my doubts about this book despite - or perhaps because of - the abundant charm of its author. I'm suspicious of people who arrive at writing as the latest in a long series of careers (though I suppose that describes me too to some extent) but in this case RF arrived at fiction-writing ready and armed to get down to it.This is the best book yet for pure vicarious kick-ass vengeance fantasy - and for that alone I love it.Every darn character in Baby Shark is a loveable keeper, and that's saying something when their hearts are as dark and vengeance-bent as these. I'm glad RF didn't shy away from the horror of the precipitating crime. It needed to be every bit as horrible as it was. I'm equally glad he didn't pansy up the resolution, either. The bad guys were dispatched violently to hell, and Kristen & crew didn't waste a lot of time cryin over it. Second thoughts and ruined souls play hell with the reader's vicarious thrill, IMHO - when I feel like Mad Max, I want to stomp around with conviction, not hesitate with moral compunctions. Kristen is glad to see her tormentor suffer, and that read right - it would be false for her to equivocate and put him out of his misery. How about this line;"I had relinquished an irreplaceable piece of my humanity when I chose revenge."This is the quality that will set Kristen up well for further ventures.How I adored Henry! And Jim (the dog) - and Otis. And all the secondary characters. Even MacKenzie, dullard admirer, was well-turned-out. Even the cars have personalities. I have no idea how RF manages to write 19 YO female so convincingly, but I'm glad he does.
FrontStreet on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Kristen Van Dijk's life is a bit unusual for a 17 year old girl in the 1950, going from pool hall to pool hall with her pool hustling father. But it all ends in a rural bar when a group of bikers show up to get revenge over a lost pool game. When it is all over Kristen's father and the bar owner are brutally murdered, the owner's father, Henry, is left for dead and Kristen herself is barely alive after a repetitive beatings and rape. But the police are in no hurry to solve the murder of a lowly pool hustler or the rape of a girl who, by even being in a pool hall, must have asked for it. The murder of the Chinese bar owner and the fact that they burned down the bar does not seem to matter much to the local lawmen either. The lost report on the whole happening is even more suspicious.Henry brings Kristen home with him to recover in peace, hidden away on his back country ranch. There they decide that the killers of their family members must be brought to justice- if the law will not do it they will take care ofn it themselves. Kristen works to get her strength up both physically and mentally. She runs, learns to shoot a gun and, to become Baby Shark, play pool like a pro. With the help of PI Otis Millet they begin to track down the bikers who did the killings. But someone is definitely trying to protect the bikers, especially the one they call Blue Eyes, and it is up to Kristen, Otis and Henry to figure out who is interfering with their plans. And Kristen must discover if she can carry through on their plan for revenge.This book should cause quite a discussion with its unusual heroine. Robert Fate has used first person voice to pull the reader into Kristen's world. This works to not only raise his audience's sympathy for a cold blooded killer, but causes them to stand up and cheer for her. The style of writing is cool and sparse to match the tone of the story. The characters are well defined without a lot of background to clutter up the pace. This makes it a full out run to the end, no stopping reading in between chapters.This is an exciting debut for this author and we are glad he is not done here. We are now looking forward to spring of 2007 for Baby Sharks' Beaumont Blues and later for Baby Shark's Sooner Weekends. It will be interesting to see how Robert Fate continues Kristen's story after she has exacted her revenge. Maybe a chance for romance? But it is hard to imagine Baby Shark settling for a life in the mainstream.(Wonder how long it will take movie producers to get ahold of these rights? Perfect combination of chick flick with blood gushing action- something for everyone. )
beccam2 on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
I was engrossed in this book from page one. Other reviewers have given you the story and the plot. All I can add is - read this book!
smik on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Remarkably good for a debut novel. Robert Fate's own rich background of experience comes through. Baby Shark is "seventeen going on thirty" in her father's words. At a time when other girls her age are buying clothes and having their nails and hair done, Kristin van Dijk, aka Baby Shark, is pursuing killers and wreaking revenge. At seventeen Kristin sees her father killed in a Texas pool room by some bikies, and is then raped and beaten herself. She survives with incredible injuries, and is befriended by Henry, the pool room owner whose son was also killed. When the police fail to take action, together Henry and Baby come up with a scheme to track the bikies down themselves and deal with them. It involves Kristin becoming a billiards expert, learning to shoot, and having training in martial arts from experts such as former friends of her father, and people whom Henry has heard of. Quite a different sort of book set in the 1950s. Somewhere I saw it described as an "adventure thriller" although there are elements of mystery, and some surprises for the reader. The threads of the book are all tied nicely off but we are left in no doubt that there is a second in the series - there is a taste tempter in the back of this one.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Baby shareks r cool
Joodle More than 1 year ago
Robert Fate has created something new, and it is not for sissies. Baby Shark had things happen to her that should have killed her, or rather killed ten ordinary people. Somehow, the unconventional love and lifestyle her murdered dad gave her was enough to give her the foundation to come back, create health and go out and get what she needs.