Alzheimer's Disease

Alzheimer's Disease

by Linda Jacobs-Altman



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BrendanTwomey More than 1 year ago
Alzheimer's Disease by Linda Jacobs Altman was a very interesting book. I learned many things about the disease such as the background of the disease, the difference between alzheimers and dementia, and if there is a cure for the disease. Linda Jacobs idea on the disease is very factual. Having the pictures in the book helps the reader understand the ways they deal with treating the disease. She goes in depth in every category such as the history of Alzheimer’s, scientific investigation into Alzheimer’s, the search for a cure, diagnosis, treatment, and the emotional ramifications for a family when a loved one is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. This is a great non-fiction book to read if you are into medical things. One of the great things Linda has added in the book was the personal stories with different people in it. The book covers impacts on alzheimers disease and what the families have to deal with and on society. It also covers the research that has been done on the disease and other researches that have to do with the disease. If you do not know some of the words that you are reading the book provides a glossary with most of the scientific words that are used. Also if you are really interested in reading about alzheimers disease then there are suggested books that you should read further in the back of the book. Reading this book really helped me understand how the disease affects society and peoples lives. The book gives a great review in the history of the disease and how many people it has affected. It also tells you how they figured out the disease and who had it first. There is no cure for the disease but they do talk about the treatments that have been used in the past that have helped people get through the disease without suffering as bad as they have in the past.