Teen & YA

The day Xochi moved in, Pallas made sure to tell her, “Watch out, Pad is a rake.” Now she’d seen it for herself almost every morning at the crack of dawn when Pallas dragged her out of bed and Pad’s…Read more

I loved my sister. Even when I didn’t understand her, even when I hated her, I still loved her. Which I guess is the reason I woke up early today to be here, staring at the graffiti on the back…Read more

The meeting is held in the large workroom behind the candle shop. It smells heavenly, with notes of vanilla, different fruits, and essential oils lingering in the air. The Fold and their sons, the Clip and their sons, and what…Read more

Sana had taken a few more steps when she caught sight of a figure moving across the lawn, weighted down with several cases and bags. Sana froze for a moment, watching.  Rachel Recht.  She must have been carrying camera equipment.…Read more

Mrs. Rosen passed away.  I startle out of my chair a little. Was I asleep? Even after four days in this detention center, I crave sleep more than food. Every day Gabi and I were on the road, on a…Read more

Mill House is a megalith of slate and gneiss, blackened with age. Roan stares up, noting how it disappears into the raging sky, though part of the house vanishes into the mountain, melting one into the other like some kind…Read more

I race along the riverbank over mud and stones, heading for the spot where I saw the flying cruiser land, burning to know whose it is and why it came. Bronze dragons hover above the ship’s massive form, which now…Read more



Ellen Goodlett

Ren’s eyelids fluttered. In her head, all she could see, hear, smell was Burnt Bay. She saw the ships aflame. Heard the screams of the sailors as they drowned. Tasted saltwater and gunpowder on her tongue. And above it all,…Read more

Emma agrees. The roads are just trails now, used by foxes and other animals roaming the Unmaintained lands. Did those people think that the road would fade from memory as cities rose and fell in the distance? Did they, as…Read more