Thanks in part to Jack Pierce’s inspired makeup, Boris Karloff’s Monster in Frankenstein remains one of the most iconic cinematic creations of all time.  In 1931, Universal Pictures released a risky horror film starring a virtually unknown Hungarian-American actor named…Read more

In 1949, in a move for which Leah (aka Lee) was indirectly responsible, the family relocated to New Jersey, where Arnold had been hired by RCA to work at its manufacturing plant in Camden. Having failed to win a college…Read more



Thor Heyerdahl

So, perhaps, the whole thing began. So began, in any case, a whole series of events which finally landed the six of us and a green parrot on board a raft off the coast of South America.  I remember how…Read more

Years ago I did a particularly angry set onstage. I talked about AIDS, the end of the world, and how silly and hopeless life was. A guy came up to me after the show and asked, “Why comedy?”  That was…Read more