I step closer to the paper. Look down. Standard eight-and-a-half-by-eleven sheet of white paper, with the words centered, the black letters looking like they came off an inkjet printer.  Typical and usual, except the words underneath are neither typical nor…Read more


Slow Ride

Slow Ride

Lori Foster

Ronnie wouldn’t have walked into Freddie’s, a dinky little honky-tonk bar in Red Oaks, Ohio, if she’d known a local’s birthday party was underway. But hey, she needed a distraction and this seemed to be the only one available.  Seated on…Read more

Teen & YA

The medic-who-was-not-a-medic stood still, gauging Dani’s reaction.  On the outside, she was frozen, but inside her, whole cities were being razed to the ground. Explosions were shaking the walls of her stomach. People were screaming in her throat.  “Let me…Read more