A few days after I’d settled into my new mountaintop house outside Odawara, I got in touch with my wife. I had to call five times before I finally got through. Her job always kept her busy, and apparently she…Read more


Drew walked up, dressed as she’d requested. He looked good. Calm and capable and just a little bit sexy. When he spotted her, he frowned.  “Hey, you’ve already unloaded. Did you leave anything for me to do?”  “Plenty,” she said,…Read more

SF & Fantasy

So Fan went this way: instead of heading north or south on the main coastal tollway she veered westward, onto the olden roads, thoroughfares that once meandered through farmland and forests and that linked antique-style settlements that the Charter villages…Read more

Books & Ideas

As Katharine Wright said of her father, the habit of worry was strong in him. For as long as she and her brothers could remember, he had warned of the dire threat of contaminated water, and articles in the papers…Read more


I don’t want you to go,” he said, his eyes imploring mine.  “Don’t worry, I’ll stay in your cabin with you for a bit, until you’re feeling better,” I assured him.  “Not my cabin, Josie,” Palmer corrected me. “I don’t…Read more