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The boy stood on the highest knoll of the low country in the Western Kingdom of the Ring, looking north, watching the first of the rising suns. As far as he could see stretched rolling green hills, dipping and rising…Read more


The Friend

The Friend

Sigrid Nunez

Mostly he ignores me. He might as well live here alone. He makes eye contact at times, but instantly looks away again. His large hazel eyes are strikingly human; they remind me of yours. I remember once, when I had…Read more


He was the only man in the world who had the power to stop her breath just by walking into a room.  Even now, when she hadn’t set eyes on him for over a year, the familiar dizzy sensation stopped…Read more

SF & Fantasy

Shivering, Robert Horst pulled up the hood of his padded jacket before tugging open the D-shaped hatch leading outside the Artisans Deck. Hinges creaked and a gust of snow flew in as he edged out into the freezing blast, then…Read more

Teen & YA

It’s too beautiful to die today.  Gita and I hike along a slender trail blanketed on either side by glossy green leaves shaped like teardrops. The path isn’t steep, but I can hear Gita’s breath—the rise and fall of it,…Read more