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Title: Barbie Collector Pink Label Happy Birthday Ken Glamour Barbie Doll
Title: Twilight Edward Doll
Title: Statue of Liberty BARBIE Doll
Title: Twilight Bella Doll
Title: BARBIE Collector - Famous Friends - Doll Inspired by Vincent van Gogh
Title: Barbie Doll With Pet
Title: BARBIE Collector - Famous Friends -Doll Inspired by Gustav Klimt
Title: Barbie Holiday 2014 Doll
Title: Barbie Dream House
Title: Barbie Entrepreneur Doll
Title: 2013 Holiday Barbie Doll
Title: Barbie 2015 Ballet Wishes Doll
Title: BARBIE DOLL (Princess Bride)
Title: Barbie 2015 Birthday Wishes Doll
Title: Barbie Color Me Cute
Title: Barbie Bride Doll