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Title: Principles of Scientific Management / Edition 1, Author: Frederick Winslow Taylor
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Title: Using Information Technology, Author: Brian K. Williams
Title: Keller's Official OSHA Construction Safety Handbook / Edition 2, Author: Tricia Hodkiewicz
Title: Electronics 1 Part 2, Author: P S Neelakanta
Title: Energy: A Beginner's Guide, Author: Vaclav Smil
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Title: Digital Media, Youth, and Credibility, Author: Miriam J. Metzger
Title: Introduction to Information Theory: Symbols, Signals and Noise / Edition 2, Author: John R. Pierce
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Title: Designing for People, Author: H. Dreyfuss
Title: Digital Youth, Innovation, and the Unexpected, Author: Tara McPherson
Title: Engineering Fundamentals and Problem Solving / Edition 4, Author: Arvid R. Eide
Title: Introduction to Management Science: A Modeling and Case Studies Approach with Spreadsheets / Edition 2, Author: Frederick S. Hillier
Title: Leonardo's Laptop: Human Needs and the New Computing Technologies / Edition 1, Author: Ben Shneiderman
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Title: Protocol Politics: The Globalization of Internet Governance, Author: Laura DeNardis