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Title: Engineers for Change: Competing Visions of Technology in 1960s America, Author: Matthew Wisnioski
Title: A Prayer Book for the Armed Services / Edition 3, Author: Church Publishing
Title: Communications Under the Seas: The Evolving Cable Network and Its Implications, Author: Bernard Finn
Title: Engineering Invention: Frank J. Sprague and the U.S. Electrical Industry, Author: Frederick Dalzell
Title: Retooling: A Historian Confronts Technological Change, Author: Rosalind Williams
Title: Changing Face of Learning Technology, Author: David Squires
Title: Energies: An Illustrated Guide to the Biosphere and Civilization, Author: Vaclav Smil
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Title: High-technology Policies: A Five Nation Comparison (AEI studies), Author: Richard R. Nelson
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Title: Numerica: A Modeling Language for Global Optimization, Author: Pascal Van Hentenryck
Title: Safe and Sound: Artificial Intelligence in Hazardous Applications, Author: John Fox
Hardcover $8.60 $10.75 Current price is $8.60, Original price is $10.75.
Title: Acting with Technology: Activity Theory and Interaction Design, Author: Victor Kaptelinin
Title: Specificity and the Macroeconomics of Restructuring, Author: Ricardo J. Caballero
Title: Better Teaching and Learning in the Digital Classroom / Edition 1, Author: David T. Gordon
Title: Self-Trust and Reproductive Autonomy, Author: Carolyn McLeod
Title: Social Capital and Information Technology, Author: Marleen Huysman
Title: What Computers Can Do / Edition 2, Author: Donald D. Spencer
Title: Arc Welding : Basic Fundamentals, Author: John R. Walker
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Title: Me++: The Cyborg Self and the Networked City, Author: William J. Mitchell
Hardcover from $4.30 $7.75 Current price is $4.30, Original price is $7.75.
Title: Complexity of Robot Motion Planning, Author: John F. Canny
Title: Science on the Run: Information Management and Industrial Geophysics at Schlumberger, 1920-1940, Author: Geoffrey C. Bowker

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