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Title: Harvey's Revised English Grammar: Harvey's Language Course, Author: Thomas Harvey
Title: Secret Diary Unlocked: My Struggle to Like Me, Author: Suzy Weibel
Title: The Priceless Project Presents Confidence to Greatness for Teenage Girls, Author: Ruby Taylor
Title: The African American Criminal Justice Guide: Staying Alive and Out of Jail - the #1 Criminal Justice Book in America, Author: Amber Classics Staff
Title: Darkness Falls, Author: A. E. Faulkner
Title: There Was Purpose In My Pain, Author: Julie Hitchens
Title: Girlosophy: The Oracle, Author: Anthea Paul
Title: So You Want to Be a Rock n' Roll Bride, Author: Diane Saks
Title: Writing Ideas, Author: Janine Bouyssounouse
Title: Gathering Peace: A Novel Based on a True Story, Author: Peggy Warren
Title: DIRT, Author: Sharon Dwyer
Title: Majestic & Molting, Author: Valerie Howard
Title: God's Plan for Marriage and Family - Study Guide, Author: Together!
Title: Violin: Son of an Abuser, Author: Jude Emmanuel
Title: Home School / Christian School Guide to Treason - Student Edition, Author: Don Brown
Title: In My Grandfather's House: A Catskill Journal, Author: Marilou Trask-Curtin
Title: Is Silence Really Golden?, Author: Elijah Mekwunye
Title: Julius! School Planner, Author: Paul Frank Industries

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