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Title: Bridge, Author: Patrick Jones
Title: The Fox Valley Murders, Author: Jack Vance
Title: The Pleasant Grove Murders, Author: Jack Vance
Title: A Snitch On Time, Author: John A. Andrews
Title: The Moonstone, Author: Wilkie Collins
Title: The Truth About Daddy, Author: James A. Nomaly
Title: The Killing Club, Author: Marcie Walsh
Title: L. A. Confidential (Penguin Readers, Level 5), Author: Nancy Taylor
Title: Borrowing Abby Grace: The Shadow Trilogy, Author: Kelly Green
Title: Blood and Belonging: A Ray Robertson Mystery, Author: Vicki Delany
Title: Winter of Grace, Author: Robert Funderburk
Title: Sammy: Dallas Detective, Author: Robin Hardy
Title: Reflection in the Mirror, Author: R. K. Avery
Title: Play Dead, Author: Anne Frasier