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Title: Is the Energy Crisis Contrived?, Author: Paul W. McCracken
Title: Altering the Earth's Chemistry: Assessing the Risks, Author: Sandra Postel
Title: Economics and the Environment, Author: Allen V. Kneese
Title: Polluters: Industry or Government, Author: Neil H. Jacoby
Title: Thinking Through the Energy Problem, Author: Thomas C. Schelling
Title: Conservation and New Economic Realities, Author: Conservation Foundation Staff
Title: Save the Earth!: An Ecology Handbook for Kids, Author: Betty Miles
Title: Conservation and Pollution, Author: Laurence Santrey
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Title: How to Save the World; Strategy for World Conservation, Author: Robert Prescott-Allen
Title: Ecotactics, Author: Sierra Club
Title: Team Nutrition's Food, Family and Fun: A Seasonal Guide for Healthy Eating, Commemorating 50 Years of School Lunch, Author: Food and Nutrition Service (U.S.)
Title: Raw Material Supply in a Multipolar World, Author: Y. L. Wu
Title: Energy Education: Goals and Practices, Author: Rodney F. Allen
Title: Energy Non-Crisis, Author: Lindsey William
Title: Environment Risk: Responding to Growing Dangers, Author: National Issues Forum Institute Staf
Title: Multinational Oil: A Study in Industrial Dynamics, Author: Neil H. Jacoby
Title: The Rainforest Book, Author: Scott Alan Lewis
Title: Nature in Danger, Author: Mary O'Neil
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Title: Nuclear Madness: What You Can Do!, Author: Helen Caldicott
Title: The American Economy and Energy and the Environment in the Eighties, Author: President's Commission

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