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Title: Jesus and the Quran: Jesus Christ Is Above All, Author: Sekou Sowary
Title: Disciples: Who We Are and What Holds us Together, Author: Michael Kinnamon
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Title: Marks of a Movement: What the Church Today Can Learn From the Wesleyan Revival, Author: Winfield Bevins
Title: Conversion: The Old and the New in Religion from Alexander the Great to Augustine of Hippo, Author: A. D. Nock
Title: His Greater Workmanship: A Potter's Perspective of God's Sovereign Grace in Redemption, Author: Cecil C. Moore
Title: Ecclesiastical History of the English People, Author: Bede
Title: Old Stories & Forgotten Lessons: The Bible Storybook for Adults, Author: Dr. R.W. Stallings
Title: Meaning Train: Essays on Religion and Politics, Author: Carrie Cunningham
Title: Eyes to See the Revelation: A Spiritual Journey, Author: T. Kenan Smith
Title: Pentecostal Origins: Early Pentecostalism in Ireland in the Context of the British Isles, Author: James Robinson
Title: Hudson Taylor's Spiritual Secret, Author: Howard Taylor
Title: Understanding the Difficult Passages in the Bible, Author: Dr. Roy Blizzard Jr. Ph.D.
Title: The Lost Message of Paul: Why has the Church misunderstood the Apostle Paul?, Author: Steve Chalke
Title: Bonds of Union: Religion, Race, and Politics in a Civil War Borderland, Author: Bridget Ford
Title: Proof of God in the International Date Line: Site of our Origin, Author: Jorge Guevara
Title: The Confessions of St. Augustine, Author: Saint Augustine
Title: Moral Formation and the Virtuous Life, Author: Paul Blowers (Editor)
Title: Heretics, Author: G. K. Chesterton
Title: Christianity Exposed: Black Preacher, Rabbi and Pope, Author: William T. Lewis
Title: Apostasy Can Lead a Nation to Self-Destruct: Will America Mend Its Ways and Return to God?, Author: Philip Wittig

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