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Title: A World I Never Made: The Invictus Cycle Book 1, Author: James LePore
Title: Bailey's Land, Author: Paul Howard
Title: Above the Falls, Author: John Harris
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Title: Gato pardo, Author: Alejandro Volnié
Title: Blood Wedding, Author: P Brooke
Title: A Darker Night, Author: P Brooke
Title: Carousel, Author: J. Robert Janes
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Title: Target Down!, Author: Julian Jay Savarin
Title: Un delitto efferato, Author: Giuseppe Esposito
Title: Bay of Blood, Author: A. M. Potter
Title: Death on a Galician Shore, Author: Domingo Villar
Title: Tommy's Rival, Author: Patrick Ashtre
Title: Renaissance, Author: Dumisani Bapela
Title: Ice Curtain, Author: Robin White
Title: Farewell, Nikola, Author: Guy Boothby
Title: Locked in Cages, Author: Richard Godwin
Title: Tookie Goes Undercover, Author: George Kaplan
Title: Dr. Nikola's Experiment, Author: Guy Boothby
Title: Die Form des Wassers: Commissario Montalbano löst seinen ersten Fall, Author: Andrea Camilleri
Title: Unaccompanied Minor, Author: Kitania Kavey

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