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Title: Runner, Author: Thomas Perry
Title: Denali's Dozen: Twelve Little Mysteries You Can Solve, Author: Lisa Deckert
Title: The Haunted Fountain (Illustrated), Author: Margaret Sutton
Title: The Yellow Phantom, Author: Margaret Sutton
Title: Os Arquivos da Detetive Maisy: Maisy e os Ratinhos Desaparecidos, Author: Elizabeth Woodrum
Title: Vengeance in Virginia City, a Floyd Sisters Mystery, Author: Sinda Cheri Floyd
Title: Maisy en de Vermiste Muizen, Author: Elizabeth Woodrum
Title: Studio Sex, Author: Liza Marklund
Title: Maisy e i Topolini Scomparsi, Author: Elizabeth Woodrum
Title: Casaday Girls, Book 2: The Creature Returns, Author: Michael Markey
Title: Nancy Addie: Secrets of the Old Building, Author: Brionna Kincaid
Title: Nancy Addie and The Great Race, Author: Brionna Kincaid
Title: Sandy Beach and the Mysterious Book, Author: Sheri Ochs
Title: Billie Bradley and Her Inheritance, Author: Janet D. Wheeler
Title: Maisy und die verschwundenen Mäuse (Akte Maisy #1), Author: Elizabeth Woodrum