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Title: The Fire Engine Book, Author: Tibor Gergely
Title: This Is a Moose, Author: Richard T. Morris
Title: Bitty Baby Shares A Gift, Author: Kirby Larson
Title: The Elf on the Shelf, Author: Carol V. Aebersold
Title: Water Is Amazing: Molly Moccasins, Author: Victoria O'Toole
Title: A Charlie Brown Christmas (Peanuts Friends Series), Author: Charles M. Schulz
Title: Disney Parks Presents: It's a Small World, Author: Richard M. Sherman
Title: Crankenstein, Author: Samantha Berger
Title: Bitty Baby Loves the Snow, Author: Kirby Larson
Title: My Friendly Planets, Author: Playtales
Title: Winnie the Pooh: Party in the Wood, Author: Disney
Title: Trucks (Slide and Find Series), Author: Roger Priddy
Title: Just Squidding (Phineas and Ferb Series #5), Author: Disney Press
Title: Brave Little Golden Book (Disney/Pixar Brave), Author: Tennant Redbank
Title: Bitty Baby Has a Tea Party, Author: Larson Author
Title: Awesome Dawson, Author: Chris Gall
Title: Shark vs. Train, Author: Chris Barton
Title: The Night Before Christmas, Author: Clement Clarke Moore
Title: Bitty Baby Makes a Splash, Author: Larson Author
Title: The Sock Mystery: Molly Moccasins, Author: Victoria Ryan O'Toole

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