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Title: The Vanished Series: Books 1-3, Author: B. B. Griffith
Title: Ballroom Blitz, Author: Lorelei James
Title: Yellowstone Love Notes, Author: Peggy L. Henderson
Title: DESTINY'S WOMAN, Author: Lindsay McKenna
Title: Plenty Proud, Author: Jeanie P. Johnson
Title: American Indian Stories, Author: Zitkala-Sa
Title: Indian Boyhood, Author: Charles Eastman
Title: The Shawnees Foe, Author: W. J. Hamilton
Title: Sioux Legends Of The Lakota, Dakota, And Nakota Indians, Author: G.W. Mullins
Title: Old Indian Legends, Author: Zitkala-Sa
Title: Old Indian Days (Barnes & Noble Digital Library), Author: Charles A. Eastman
Title: Reprinted Pieces : With original illustrations, Author: Charles Dickens
Title: Fog's Edge, Author: Julie Mellon
Title: The Wild Frontier, Author: K.M. Rice
Title: Tales Of An Empty Cabin, Author: Grey Owl
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Title: Legends of Vancouver, Author: Emily Pauline Johnson
Title: The Sealed Valley, Author: Hulbert Footner
Title: Ghosttown, Author: Mercedes Lambert
Title: War Song Tales Of The Native American Indians, Author: G.W. Mullins
Title: Tobacco Wars, Author: Paul Seesequasis
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