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Title: Noli Me Tangere (Touch Me Not), Author: Jose Rizal
Title: The Teardrop Story Woman, Author: Catherine Lim
Title: The Last Time I Saw Mother: A Novel, Author: Arlene J. Chai
Title: Letters to Montgomery Clift, Author: Noel Alumit
Title: Eating Fire and Drinking Water: A Novel, Author: Arlene J. Chai
Title: Ladder in the Water and Other Stories, Author: Feroz Faisal Dawson
Title: Filipino Popular Tales, Author: Dean S. Fansler
Title: The Bondmaid, Author: Catherine Lim
Title: Korean Tales (Serapis Classics), Author: Horace Allen
Title: The Snowy Road: An Anthology of Korean Fiction, Author: Hyun-jae Yee Sallee
Title: It is the People: of Thailand and Other Countries, Author: Pira Sudham
Title: Sins: A Novel, Author: F. Sionil José
Title: Three Filipino Women: Novellas, Author: F. Sionil José