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Title: Confessions: The Private School Murders, Author: James Patterson
Title: Confessions of a Murder Suspect, Author: James Patterson
Title: Runner, Author: Thomas Perry
Title: The Boys of Crawford's Basin, Author: Sidford F. Hamp
Title: Turkey Drumstick - One Act Drama - Readers Theater, Author: Josephine Madden
Title: Phantom Avengers, Author: E. F. Graves
Title: The Murders in the Rue Morgue - Easy Reading Version, Author: Edgar Allan Poe
Title: The Boy Scouts' First Camp Fire, Author: Herbert Carter
Title: The Boy Scouts in the Maine Woods, Author: Herbert Carter
Title: The Dangers of Texting and Driving, Author: Esmeralda Noyola
Title: Boy Scouts on the Great Divide, Author: Archibald Lee Fletcher
Title: The Boy Scouts Patrol, Author: Ralph Victor
Title: Tom Swift and His Motor-Boat, Author: Victor Appleton
Title: Down The River, Author: Oliver Optic
Title: The Boy Scouts On The Range, Author: John Henry Goldfrap
Title: The Boy Scouts on the Yukon, Author: Ralph Victor
Title: Young Zachary the Beginning, Author: Grandpa Casey
Title: The Panama Hat Mystery Case, Author: Charles Ryan
Title: The Boy Scouts on Picket Duty, Author: Robert Shaler
Title: The Young Engineers in Colorado, Author: H. Irving Hancock