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Title: Slipknot, Author: Priscilla Masters
Title: Curse of the Scarab ~ Big Honey Dog Mysteries, Author: H.Y. Hanna
Title: The Magic Sapphire, Author: Alba Arango
Title: The Phantom Friend (Illustrated), Author: Margaret Sutton
Title: The Trail of the Green Doll (Illustrated), Author: Margaret Sutton
Title: Denali's Dozen: Twelve Little Mysteries You Can Solve, Author: Lisa Deckert
Title: comic books (THE MAN IN ALL BLACK), Author: King Steven
Title: Short Stories and Tall Tales, Author: Roger J.
Title: The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (Barnes & Noble Collectible Editions), Author: Arthur Conan Doyle
Title: Twisted Trails in Grand Canyon, Author: Mary Morgan
Title: The Haunted Fountain (Illustrated), Author: Margaret Sutton
Title: NICK CARTER MYSTERIES - 7 Detective Books Collection (The Crime of the French Café, The Great Spy System, With Links of Steel, The Mystery of St. Agnes' Hospital, Nick Carter's Ghost Story.): The Solution of a Remarkable Case, Nick Carter's Promise to the, Author: John R. Coryell
Title: On the Edge of the Arctic, Author: Harry Lincoln Sayler
Title: Nancy Addie and The Great Race, Author: Brionna Kincaid
Title: Daniel Redfern And The Kid: A Novel, Author: Dave Bakers
Title: The Boys of Crawford's Basin, Author: Sidford F. Hamp
Title: In Deep Water, Author: Jerry B. Jenkins
Title: WITH LINKS OF STEEL - The Peril of the Unknown (Detective Nick Carter Mystery): Thriller Classic, Author: John R. Coryell
Title: The Pony Rider Boys in the Grand Canyon, Author: Frank Gee Patchin
Title: What James Did on Holiday (The Adventures of James, Martin, and Rose, #1), Author: Veronika Brazdova

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