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Title: Captain Blood, Author: Rafael Sabatini
Title: Mary Barton, Author: Elizabeth Gaskell
Title: The Great God Pan, Author: Arthur Machen
Title: See What I Have Done: A Novel, Author: Sarah Schmidt
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Title: Don Quixote, Author: Miguel de Cervantes
Title: Slammerkin, Author: Emma Donoghue
Title: A Tale of Two Cities (Barnes & Noble Classics Series), Author: Charles Dickens
Title: War and Peace, Author: Leo Tolstoy
Title: The Unlikely Escape of Uriah Heep: A Novel, Author: H. G. Parry
Title: Vanity Fair, Author: William Makepeace Thackeray
Title: Typhoon, Author: Joseph Conrad
Title: Don Quixote (Barnes & Noble Classics Series), Author: Miguel de Cervantes
Title: War and Peace (Barnes & Noble Classics Series), Author: Leo Tolstoy
Title: The Hunchback of Notre Dame (Illustrated Edition), Author: Victor Hugo
Title: Carmilla, Author: J. Sheridan Le Fanu
Title: Unyielding (Love and Resistance in WW2 Germany, #2), Author: Marion Kummerow
Title: Who Knew Tasmanian Tigers Eat Apples! (Windy Mountain, #0), Author: John Martin
Title: Harvest: A Novel, Author: Belva Plain
Title: Wives and Daughters, Author: Elizabeth Gaskell
Title: Sherlock Holmes: The Complete Novels and Stories: Volumes I and II, Author: Arthur Conan Doyle

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