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Title: The Adventures of Lewis and Clark, Author: John Bakeless
Title: The Popsicle Man-El Paletero, Author: Yelapa Memo
Title: The Olympic Games, Author: John Foster
Title: Biber Paul auf Reisen: Rostock-Warnemünde, Author: Daniela Gappa
Title: Missing Oysters a Pug Detective Charlotte Adventure, Author: Gerry Strong
Title: Horses' Holiday, Author: Kaye Umansky
Title: Buggles..Its Time to Travel..Its Time to Buggle.., Author: Michael Taven Hill
Title: Ellie the Elephant (Photo Edition), Author: M.G. Edwards
Title: Texas, Author: Capstone Press Geography Department
Title: Disney World Details: A Planet Explorers Game for Kids & Families, Author: Laura Schaefer
Title: How to Read a Map, Author: Melanie Waldron
Title: Fitus, der Sylter Strandkobold: 30 spannende Kindergeschichten, Author: Uwe Heinz Sültz
Title: France/McPooch Mail-A-Tale: Frisky in France, Author: Angela Randazzo
Title: Central Park: A Planet Explorers Guide for Kids, Author: Laura Schaefer
Title: Flying High: Air Travel Past and Present, Author: Jane Shuter
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Title: World Adventurers for Kids Books 1-3, Author: Michael Edwards
Title: The Pangas-Las Pangas, Author: Yelapa Memo
Title: Cariboo Chilcotin Coast B.C. (British Columbia), Author: Russell Mussio
Title: Horse Tails by Rafiji, the Safari Horse, Author: Patricia Probert Gott
Title: Mongolia - Faces of a Nation, Author: Frank Riedinger

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