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Title: Tut's Mummy: Lost...and Found (Step into Reading Book Series: A Step 4 Book), Author: Judy Donnelly
Title: Rare Treasure: Mary Anning and Her Remarkable Discoveries, Author: Don Brown
Title: DK Readers L2: Life In the Stone Age, Author: Deborah Lock
Title: Pompeii Today: A Museum of People Buried Alive - Archaeology Quick Guide Children's Archaeology Books, Author: Baby Professor
Title: Ickstory: Unraveling the Icky History of Mummies, Author: Sylvia Branzei
Title: Mummies: National Geographic Readers Series (Enhanced Edition), Author: Elizabeth  Carney
Title: 14 Fun Facts About the Nile: A 15-Minute Book, Author: Jeannie Meekins
Title: Digging for Clues : Top Dig Sites in North America, Africa, Asia and Europe Guide on Archaeological Artifacts Junior Scholars Edition 5th Grade Social Studies, Author: Baby Professor
Title: What Is an Archaeologist? (National Geographic Readers Series: Level 3), Author: Libby Romero
Title: DK Readers: Secrets of the Mummies, Author: Harriet Griffey
Title: The Curse of King Tut's Mummy, Author: Kathleen Weidner Zoehfeld
Title: Pyramids (National Geographic Readers Series: Level 1), Author: Laura Marsh
Title: Civil War Battleship: The Monitor, Author: Gare Thompson