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Title: The Story of Sacajawea Coloring Book, Author: Peter F. Copeland
Title: The Girl Who Married the Moon: Tales from Native North America, Author: Joseph Bruchac
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Title: Favorite North American Indian Legends, Author: Philip Smith
Title: Journeys with Florida's Indians, Author: Kelley G. Weitzel
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Title: Comanche History and Culture, Author: Helen Dwyer
Title: Walking the Choctaw Road: Stories from Red People Memory, Author: Tim Tingle
Title: Pueblo and Navajo Indian Life Today, Author: Kris Hotvedt
Title: Kachina Tales from the Indian Pueblos: Legends and Stories, Author: Gene Meany Hodge
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Title: Indian Why Stories, Author: Frank B. Linderman
Title: In the Heart of the Rockies: An Adventure on the Colorado River, Author: G. A. Henty
Title: Wigwam Evenings: 27 Sioux Folk Tales, Author: Charles A Eastman