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Title: I Have a Dream/Letter from Birmingham Jail, Author: Martin Luther King Jr.
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Title: Tales of Uncle Remus (Puffin Modern Classics): The Adventures of Brer Rabbit, Author: Julius Lester
Title: Our Nig: or, Sketches from the Life of a Free Black, Author: Harriet E. Wilson
Title: My BLACK History, Author: Nicole A. Jones
Title: Black Heroes of the American Revolution, Author: Burke Davis
Title: Celebrate Kwanzaa: With Candles, Community, and the Fruits of the Harvest, Author: Carolyn B. Otto
Title: Yo, Little Brother . . .: Basic Rules of Survival for Young African American Males, Author: Anthony Davis
Title: Twelve Years a Slave, Author: Solomon Northup
Title: What Your Mama Never Told You: True Stories about Sex and Love, Author: Tara Roberts
Title: The Best Face of All, Author: Wilesse A. F. Commissiong
Title: The Days When the Animals Talked: Black American Folktales and How They Came to Be, Author: William J. Faulkner
Title: Sing the Sun Up: Creative Writing Ideas from African American Literature, Author: Lorenzo Thomas
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Title: Scoundrels and Fools, Author: William Seno
Title: Twelve Years A Slave: Narrative Of Solomon Northup, A Citizen Of New-York, Kidnapped In Washington City In 1841, And Rescued In 1853, From A Cotton Plantation Near The Red River, In Louisiana., Author: Solomon Northup
Title: A Colored Man Round the World, Author: David F. Dorr
Title: Afrocentric: Self Inventory and Discovery Workbook, Author: Useni E Perkins
Title: Harriet Tubman: The Moses of Her People, Author: Sarah Bradford
Title: Gifts of Our People: An Alphabet of African American History, Author: Portia George
Title: Black People Who Made the Old West / Edition 1, Author: William Loren Katz
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Title: Uncle Remus, His Songs and His Sayings, Author: Joel Chandler Harris

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