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Title: France, Author: Susan McKay
Title: Osceola, Author: Anne M. Todd
Title: Moon Cakes to Maize: Delicious World Folktales, Author: Norma J. Livo
Title: Thanksgiving, Author: Marilyn F. Miller
Title: Australia: The People, Author: Erinn Banting
Title: Chickasaw, Author: Barbara A Gray-Kanatiiosh
Title: Father Junipero Serra and the California Missions (A Proud Heritage), Author: Sarah Bowler
Title: Smoke and Ashes: Revised Edition, Author: Barbara Rogasky
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Title: Malcolm X: Force for Change, Author: Kristin Thoennes Keller
Title: St. Augustine, Author: Sally Senzell Isaacs
Title: Child in the Bamboo Grove, Author: Rosemary Harrison
Title: Life in San Francisco's Chinatown, Author: Sally Senzell Isaacs
Title: The Aztecs, Author: Peter Chrisp
Title: Anne Frank: Voice of Hope, Author: Cath Senker
Title: Australia: The Culture, Author: Erinn Banting
Title: The Ku Klux Klan: A Hooded Brotherhood, Author: Ann Heinrichs
Title: Germany, Author: Mike Hirst
Title: Food in Korea, Author: Rourke Publishing Group
Title: Water Monsters, Author: Brian Innes
Title: Arbor Day, Author: Mir Tamim Ansary

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