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Title: Just So Stories, Author: Rudyard Kipling
Title: Kwaidan: Stories And Studies Of Strange Things, Author: Lafcadio Hearn
Title: Fibs, Whoppers & Lies, Author: Tom Toombs
Title: Celebrate the Season!: Twelve Short Stories for Advent and Christmas, Author: Diane M. Lynch
Title: Confederate Battle Stories, Author: Martin H. Greenberg
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Title: Detective Stories, Author: Philip Pullman
Title: The World's Greatest Horror Stories, Author: Stephen Jones
Title: Tomorrow and Tomorrow: Ten Tales of the Future, Author: Damon Knight
Title: Dream Vacation, Author: Jeri Odell
Title: Far Frontiers, Author: Martin H. Greenberg
Title: Die Zukunft beginnt mit Passfotos: Junge Autoren in Rheinland-Pfalz, Author: Gregor Babelotzky
Title: Dimension X: Five Science Fiction Novellas, Author: Damon Knight
Title: Out of Avalon, Author: Various
Title: Dangerous Vegetables, Author: Laumer
Title: Gates to Tomorrow: An Introduction to Science Fiction, Author: Andre Norton
Title: Venomous Tales of Villainy and Vengeance, Author: Helen Hoke
Hardcover $8.52 $11.95 Current price is $8.52, Original price is $11.95.
Title: American Literature without Tears, Author: Josephine Madden
Title: Planets of Wonder: A Treasury of Space Opera, Author: Terry Carr
Title: Guardsmen of Tomorrow, Author: Martin H. Greenberg
Title: Lo Mejor de los Hermanos Grimm en Español Moderno (Translated), Author: Brothers Grimm

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