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Title: The Environment in the News, Author: Yael Calhoun
Title: Water in the News, Author: Yael Calhoun
Title: Global Warming, Author: Chris Oxlade
Title: Clear Choices: The Water You Drink, Author: Matt Higgins
Title: Floods in Action, Author: Chris Oxlade
Title: Energy from Wind: Wind Farming, Author: Megan Kopp
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Title: Hurricanes, Author: Gary Jeffrey
Title: The Hoover Dam, Author: John A. Murphy
Title: Threats to Our Water Supply, Author: Louise Spilsbury
Title: Climate Change, Author: Heather C. Hudak
Title: What are Global Warming and Climate Change?: Answers for Young Readers, Author: Chuck McCutcheon
Title: The Race to Survive Climate Change, Author: Angela Royston
Title: Water: Green Science Projects for a Sustainable Planet, Author: Robert Gardner
Title: Changing Climates, Author: Facts on File
Title: Environment and Natural Resources, Author: Charles F. Gritzner
Title: Climate Change, Author: Colin Hynson