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Title: Paraguay, Author: Leslie Jermyn
Title: Ecuador (Countries of the World Series), Author: Amy S. Daniels
Title: Jamaica, Author: Alison Brownlie
Title: Jamaica, Author: Frances Wilkins
Title: The Incas, Author: Anita Ganeri
Title: Hernando Cortés: Conquistador and Empire Builder, Author: R. Conrad Stein
Title: Bahamas, Author: Robert Barlas
Title: The Mexican-American War, Author: Don Nardo
Title: The Mexican-American War: A MyReportLinks.com Book, Author: Kim A. O'Connell
Title: The Magnificent Maya, Author: Dale M. Brown
Title: Pancho Villa: Mexican Revolutionary Hero, Author: R. Conrad Stein
Title: Paraguay, Author: Marion Morrison
Title: Munay and the Magic Lake, Author: Sandy Sepehri
Title: Red Hunters and the Animal People, Author: Charles Alexander Eastman
Title: The Chattel Principle: Internal Slave Trades in the Americas, Author: Walter Johnson
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Title: Incas: A MyReportLinks. com Book, Author: Alison Imbriaco
Title: The Spanish-American War, Author: Deborah Bachrach
Title: Discovering South America's Land, People, and Wildlife: A MyReportLinks. com Book, Author: David Schaffer
Title: Francisco Pizarro: The Conquest of Peru, Author: Milton Meltzer
Title: Ecuador, Author: Marion Morrison

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