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Title: George vs. George: The American Revolution as Seen from Both Sides, Author: Rosalyn Schanzer
Title: The Man-Eaters of Tsavo, Author: John Henry Patterson
Title: The Last of the Mohicans, Author: James Fenimore Cooper
Title: Which Way to the Wild West?: Everything Your Schoolbooks Didn't Tell You About Westward Expansion, Author: Steve Sheinkin
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Title: The Conscience of a Conservative, Author: Barry Goldwater
Title: A Boy No More, Author: Harry Mazer
Title: A Picture Book of Benjamin Franklin, Author: David A. Adler
Title: The Adventures of Lewis and Clark, Author: John Bakeless
Title: Susanna of the Alamo: A True Story, Author: John Jakes
Title: Ghosts of the White House, Author: Cheryl Harness
Title: The Mystery of the Oak Island Treasure: Two Hundred Years of Hope and Despair, Author: Mark Reynolds
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Title: School, Author: Robin Nelson
Title: Great Wall Of China, Author: Leonard Everett Fisher
Title: The Long Road to Gettysburg, Author: Jim Murphy
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Title: Quanah Parker (History Maker Bios Series), Author: Shannon Zemlicka
Title: Who Settled the West? (Life in the Old West Series), Author: Bobbie Kalman
Title: Black Heroes of the American Revolution, Author: Burke Davis
Title: Lewis and Clark, Author: George Sullivan
Title: China, the Culture, Author: Bobbie Kalman
Title: Celebrate Kwanzaa: With Candles, Community, and the Fruits of the Harvest, Author: Carolyn B. Otto

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