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Title: SOTA'S KNIFE: Volume 32, Author: Kei Honjo
Title: The Magnificent Grand Scene: Volume 7, Author: Cuvie
Title: Guardians of Knowhere: Warzones!, Author: Brian Michael Bendis
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Title: SOTA'S KNIFE: Volume 18, Author: Kei Honjo
Title: Lumberjanes #14, Author: Shannon Watters
Title: SHOKU-KING: Volume 17, Author: Shigeru Tsuchiyama
Title: Adventure Time: Banana Guard Academy #5, Author: Kent Osborne
Title: Regular Show #33, Author: Mad Rupert
Title: The Little Red Fish #2, Author: James Moffitt
Title: The Magnificent Grand Scene: Volume 2, Author: Cuvie
Title: SOTA'S KNIFE: Volume 9, Author: Kei Honjo
Title: Axe Cop Volume 6: American Choppers, Author: Malachai Nicollle
Title: Samedo und der Glutblutstein: Teil 2, Author: Iris Witte

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