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Title: Why Did You Die?: Activities to Help Children Cope with Grief and Loss, Author: Ellen Goldring
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Title: My Grandma Died: A Child's Story About Death and Loss, Author: Lory Britain PhD
Title: Kate, the Ghost Dog: Coping with the Death of a Pet, Author: Wayne L. Wilson
Title: Let's Get A Grip on Grief, Author: Ellen Gerst
Title: Seeds of Hope Bereavement and Loss Activity Book: Helping Children and Young People Cope with Change Through Nature, Author: Caroline Jay
Title: The Sky Dreamer / La Bateau de Reves, Author: Anne Morgan
Title: The Positive Kids, Author: James Tomlin
Title: No More Broken Promises, Author: Angela Hunt
Title: Little Star, Author: Phyllis Higgins
Title: A Thanksgiving Like No Other, Author: T. Patrick Mulroe
Title: A New Day: A Story About Losing Someone You Love, Author: Fiona McDonald
Title: Angel Birthdays: A Day to Remember, A New Way to Heal, A Celebration of Life, Author: Erin Garay
Title: Marty Matters, Author: Jessica Hayworth
Title: Helping Children Cope With Tragedies: Dr. C & Elwood Discuss the Connecticut School Shooting, Author: Dr. Sam Caron
Title: Why Did We Have to Say Goodbye?: Valerie's Story, Author: Gwenn Eyer
Title: The Ugly Teapot, Book One: Hannah, Author: Fred Holmes
Title: Aunt Molly's Transition: Seeing Death in a New Light, Author: Jilda DiGiovacchino-Fithcett
Title: WHERE IS DADDY NOW ?, Author: Randi Rotwein-pivnick
Title: It's Okay, I'm Watching, Author: Dr. Chenee' Gilbert
Title: Sanctuary Rises, Author: Sheri Bell-Rehwoldt

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