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Title: Learn to Pray, Author: Victoria Staples
Title: Embracing Truth in Times of Adversity: Learning How to Listen and Trust Divine Guidance, Author: Marjorie Daun Timberlake-Linton
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Title: Christmas in Ontario: Heartwarming Legends, Tales and Traditions, Author: Cheryl MacDonald
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Title: Spirituality for Our Children, Author: Mary McElhone
Title: Chaucer's Drama of Style: Poetic Variety and Contrast in the Canterbury Tales, Author: C. David Benson
Title: Juniorway Teacher: God's Got This!, Author: Dr. Melvin Banks
Title: The Dig for Kids: Proverbs, Author: Patrick Schwenk
Title: The Fracture of Good Order: Christian Antiliberalism and the Challenge to American Politics / Edition 1, Author: Jason C. Bivins
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Title: Sophie Wonders About Baptism, Author: Debby Bradley
Title: Saint Thomas Aquinas, Author: Raissa Maritain
Title: Bible Big Books: the Miracle of Easter, Author: Group Publishing
Title: Christmas Stories and Legends, Author: Phebe Curtiss
Title: Glad Voices: Christmas Verses from Chimes of Consecration, Author: E.S. Elliott
Title: The Dig for Kids: Luke Vol. 1, Author: Patrick Schwenk
Title: Project Discovery, Author: Ross Zanzucchi
Title: Super Simple Bible Lessons (Ages 3-5): 60 Ready-To-Use Bible Activities for Ages 3-5, Author: LeeDell Stickler
Title: Come and See KIDS: The Life of Jesus, Author: Aileen Co
Title: Footprints of St. Nicholas: An illustrated history of the life and times of Santa Claus, Volume 1, Author: Bill Fiete
Title: The Human Beings, Author: Keith G. Laufenberg
Title: Primary Street Teacher (Winter 2016): Creation- A Divine Cycle, Author: Dr. Melvin E. Banks

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